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#SanFermín2018: Social Media analytics for huge festivals

Save the date!

We all have appointments marked on the calendar. Events that mark a before and an after in our year. For example, the carnival in Rio, Holi for the Indians or San Fermín for the people from Pamplona. These are events that generate a lot of activity in social networks and for that reason, it is vital to have a Social Media analytics strategy. In the following lines, we will explain how we can analyze huge festivals on Twitter and Instagram.

Analyze huge festivals and events with Tweet Binder

There are many events throughout the year that literally break the Internet. Sometimes, we have talked about the elections or the Oscars. These events move many people on social networks and, of course, a lot of money. Public or private companies, sponsors and communication managers need to know what has been shared. For that reason, it is important to analyze huge festivals and events with Tweet Binder.

Thanks to our tool it is possible to trace the whole conversation about an event. We can analyze any account, hashtag or term. Therefore, we create the most complete analysis that collects everything related to the event in all its versions. What does this mean? For example, we could create a Twitter report summarizing all the Social Media analytics of #WorldCup but also the terms “WorldCup”, #WorldCupFinal, @FIFAWorldCup or “FIFA World Cup”. This way, we will be sure that we are collecting all the content.

Social Media analytics of #SanFermín2018

For several years, we have been working alongside with the Pamplona City Hall to get all the Social Media analytics of the festivities that are held from the 6th to the 14th of July. Last year, #SanFermín2017  was incredible. As we said, we can include all the terms we want in the analysis but in this case, in order to explain one of our Twitter reports, we will focus on the hashtag #SanFermín2018. There is no doubt! The impact of the hashtag reveals the importance of the users’ activity. The Twitter impact report displays useful information about the contributors, timeline chart, languages, sources and influence. Here we summarize the main stats.

Total Tweets 18,753
Text tweets 1,350
Retweets 14,415
Users 13,652
Impressions 163,978,279
Reach 49,741,744

The metrics speak for themselves but, if you have any questions, we explain here what each one of them means.

  • Total tweets: Total of original tweets and retweets shared with the hashtag during the time of analysis.
  • Types of tweets:
    – Text tweets: Tweets shared with the hashtag that contain nothing but text.
    – Replies: Replies sent using the hashtag.
    – Retweets: Retweets made to tweets that contain the hashtag.
    – Links/Pics: Tweets shared with the hashtag that contain a link or media.
  • Impressions: The potential number of times somebody could have seen the hashtag.
  • Reach: The potential number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag.
  • Contributors: Number of users that have tweeted using the hashtag during the time analyzed.

The good news is that our Twitter reports are available forever. If you need to analyze huge festivals you are at the right place because we can create the most complete report for you and, what is better, you will be able to analyze all the past editions thanks to the historical reports with no data limitation.