How to turn campaigns into interactive tools

Nowadays Social Media, mainly Twitter and Instagram, are full of marketing and advertising campaigns. These are mainly limited to just post something on Twitter or Instagram using a hashtag. Agencies or companies simply do a Twitter report or an Instagram hashtag report. Even though there are campaigns that are much more than this most of them are just left like that, they don’t go further. Maybe they don’t do anything else because they don’t want to, don’t have time or just don’t have new ideas. And there is when Tweet Binder takes part.

The importance of interacting with your audience

Hundreds of thousands of reports have passed through our system. We have seen campaigns that have generated more than 10,000 tweets and campaign that merely made it to 500 tweets. This does not mean that the second type of campaigns are badly performed or not communicated well, it just means that they have not interacted correctly with its audience.

Making the target a necessary and relevant part of an advertising campaign is the key for it to succeed. People like to feel that their participation is essential for the campaign they are taking part in. Agencies can do this in many different ways: they can give away some prizes, promise users that they will win something if they RT and like a tweet, and many other things. But that is not necessary; there are other ways to put the spotlight in the public rather than in the product or campaign.

Let you audience take part in the campaign

Thanks to Tweet Binder’s unique technology something as simple as a marathon can be turned into a competition between the North and the South of a country, a motor race can start a contest among the pilots’ fans to see which one wins and much more things can be done. The truth is that, based in our experience, the more you involve your users, fans or audience in your campaign or contest, the more repercussion you will get on Social Media.

Hashtag battle for BVB
Homepage of the Twitter competition for BVB supporters

By designing a microsite, iframe or landing page you will be able to save a spot for the posts with the clients’ opinion about your product or service. This will encourage them to tweet and post about it because they will want to make it to the timeline. But you can go even further, you can turn the microsite into an interactive tool and let users vote and participate from the page. You can do this by installing some buttons on different places of the site that will allow users interact with it or you can put some sort of “games” so that they can play around with the data.

Hashtag battle North Vs. South of Spain by Skechers
Hashtag battle between the North and the South of Spain for Skechers

As you can see, campaigns can be easily turned into interactive tools. You do not need to install anything in the main square of a city or block a metro station; you can just create a site that users can visit when they are in the subway, at their homes with their tablets or whenever they are using an electronic device.

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