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Instagram live feed with Tweet Binder

Instagram is now fundamental when talking about marketing strategies and engaging campaigns. There are millions of publications shared daily and it is essential to find out the best way to take advantage of its potential. At Tweet Binder we listen to our clients and users needs, that’s why we have developed our Instagram hashtag reports and innovative solutions to display content such as our Instagram live feed.

Instagram live feed

Launching a campaign on Instagram has its peculiarities. Coming up with the right hashtag, deciding if we want to work with influencers, select the correct date range and amount of publications to be shared… Everything has to be well defined on the marketing plan. What it is really easy with Tweet Binder is to analyze and display the publications shared with your hashtag.

Being able to display Instagram’s content can be done with our custom services. On one hand, we can create an iframe or widget with the look and feel of your campaign and include the Instagram live feed, having the chance to curate the content before it’s shown on the site. This option is highly demanded by our clients because the campaign enlarges its exposure and due to the fact that you work closely with your followers. Giving visibility to the users and their posts in real time is a total success.

On the other hand, we can also display Instagram content on screens. Tweet Binder has developed different templates and solutions to be shown on campaigns, events and summits. An Instagram wall is the best way to make your event remarkable. You give the attendees the chance to feel part of what’s going on by publishing their publications and you also gain exposure as the posts are shared online but displayed at the venue.

With our moderation panel you’ll have total control on what’s being displayed on screen and you can also be in charge of the look & feel of the wall. Our design and development team are always willing to fulfill our clients expectations.


Adding an Instagram live feed with Tweet Binder is really easy and fast to implement. When a client ask for an Instagram solution, it takes minutes to decide and come up with the needs to cover and then we take care of everything. We even give you access to your campaign or event stats.

So, if you need Instagram real time analytics, access to Instagram API or creating an Instagram Wall to display content do not hesitate and contact us. We have the resources, we are waiting for your ideas to start working together to create something amazing.