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How hashtags help to create your brand image

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Build your brand image with your tweets

Everyday, we are surrounded by hundreds of hashtags. It doesn’t matter were you are at; you can be at the supermarket, walking down the street or driving in your car. Marketers are addressing this new tendency to boost their brand image. If you look at the billboards there is, at least, a hashtag on each one of them.

It’s a fact: hashtags have become a key point as a part of integrated digital marketing campaign. They are powerful tools that help to create or maintain brands’ image. But, you should not only choose the right ones but your should also user a hashtag tracking tool to measure its impact, reach and every other important stat.

Correct use of hashtags

As these terms are everywhere, a user may jump into the conclusion that they should use them as much as they can. However, this may exhaust the receiver. The use of a hashtag should always have a goal. A company may work with many different hashtags but has to know when and where is best to employ them.

Here are some advices on the correct use of hashtags:

  • Do not overwhelm your audience: As we were saying, choose the most relevant hashtag and start creating your campaign around it.
  • Keep an eye on the trends: A hashtag may be popular at the beginning of February but its relevance may have dropped by the end of March.
  • Beware of its use by your competitors: This may sound obvious, but there have been several examples of campaigns that have use the same hashtags. It is important to keep an eye on this so that your advertising campaign does not get mixed with others.

Once you have chosen your hashtags you have to build your campaign around them. Meaning that it should be a chain. You can start out by using a simple term and, once you have engaged with your audience, you can use a more complex one.

Conclusion: brand image and hashtags can work together

Some people fail to have an order in the use of the hashtags. The easiest solution is to use just one hashtag but if you want to use more than one: keep them organized! These are some good examples of hashtag case studies.

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