The Twitter #hashtag turns 10!

Long live the hashtag!

The hashtag character was tweeted for the first time on the 23rd of August in 2007. Since then, the trending topics, conversations and tweets have become part of our daily life. According to Twitter, an average of 125 million hashtags are daily shared. This huge amount of information has to be ranked. For that reason, it is really important to know the hashtag analytics of our campaigns. It doesn’t matter if your campaign took place within this 10 years. Tweet Binder can run Twitter historical reports with no date limitation.

#Hashtag10: The hashtag analytics

It has been an important date for us because, as you already know, hashtags are what we live for. Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag, term or account shared on Twitter. We have analyzed #Hashtag10 to celebrate its anniversary. Let’s itemize the hashtag analytics.

The hashtag turns 10
119,235 tweets to celebrate the hashtag birthday

Along August 23rd we have analyze the following Twitter stats: 119,235 tweets have been shared under #Hashtag10. Moreover, the hashtag achieved 1,665,375,747 impressions. Those huge numbers have been achieved thanks to 92,620 users that have tweeted with the hashtag. With these hashtag analytics, we can check out the exact percentage: 10% were tweets, 72% RTs, 2% replies and 16% were Links and images.

#Hashtag10: Rankings of users

On the other hand, we offer up to 8 rankings of users although we are going to analyze two in detail. We can find out the most active users that have tweeted about #Hashtag10 and those most popular. Moreover, in the most active ranking, the accounts that are destacable are @ToriyaToutiya with 72 tweets, @nada1164041531 and @samiaaa30642204 with 72 tweets each one, @raniya77832610 with 71 tweets and @OneMinuteBriefs with 62 tweets. On the other hand, the most popular according to the number of followers that they have are:

@Twitter 61,704,802
@CNN 37,209,976
@BBCWorld 20,925,483
@ChampionsLeague 17,059,268
@TwitterLatAm 15,666,815
@ClaudiaLeitte 14,241,863
@AlArabiya 13,104,073
@Xbox 12,196,735
@ABC 11,622,500

Our Twitter reports also include additional information about the users. We can analyze the most mentioned users. In that case, it is normal to find several Twitter accounts from different countries. The general account was the most mentioned one with 1,205 tweets. @TwitterKorea received 320, @twitterespana 57, @TwitterFrance 57 and @TwitterIndia, 43 mentions.

Twitter historical reports with no date limitation

Thanks to Tweet Binder, the period of time to analyze is not a problem. Firstly, we can analyze Twitter historical data and create historical reports from Twitter to analyze any hashtag used during the past 30 days. What is more, we create special Twitter historical reports with no date limitation. Tweet Binder has access to tweets beyond 30 days. If you have to analyze an old campaign, we will be able to create the report for you. It is true that it will take a little longer but you will obtain the most complete report.

These reports are super useful as they allow you to obtain data from long time ago. You can purchase them directly from here and they can be ready on the day of the payment (time depended on the number of tweets the term has). It is really easy!