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Fashion brands on social networks

We live in a hyperconnected world. Everyday, we have a screen nearby where we do not only consult information. We are also aware of the latest fashion trends and we buy the clothes that we like. And we do everything through the mobile or the computer. For this reason, the content about fashion brands on social networks is also growing. We try to help brands to improve their presence on Twitter and Instagram. We are going to summarize the best social media solutions for fashion brands on social networks in the following post. It is important to remember that we offer 100% customizable projects. As a result, you will be able to choose the content/solution you want to integrate in your site. Moreover, we can not forget the social media analytics part of campaigns because, as we have seen with the influencers strategies, it is vitally important to know what is said about our brand in addition to showing that content on our website.

Social Media Solutions: Go beyond the e-commerce

Many users share content on our brand. Why don’t we use it? It is a free publicity! Not only can we give presence and value but also make our customers feel part of a big family. Our brand is cool and they will be part of it through our Social Media Solutions. We have developed different solutions over the years but now we will summarize some of the most successful ones.

Activity geolocated map

We can show the scope of our brand by installing a geolocated map that shows all the content shared about our products in real time. This way, we easily make our brand go beyond. It is the best way to give relevance to the brand in an intuitive and simple way. What is more, it is possible to navigate to and discover all the relevant content. The customers will find real pics and tweets constantly updated. You can learn more about the geolocated map by reading this post.

Tweet Binder solution
Discover the Geolocated map for fashion brands

Hashtag wars powered by Tweet Binder

Do you want to spread the conversation? Confront two or more products and let costumers vote for their favorite via Twitter. This is a great way of encouraging customers to share content. It is possible to include sponsors or offer discounts and rewards. You will be able to balance the results thanks to the social media analytics offered by Tweet Binder.

Tweet Binder Custom Projects
Hashtag Battle for Vans

Tweet and Instagram feed

If we talk about fashion, we can not forget about Instagram. Instagram has become the favorite social network for brands thanks to the power of the image. For this reason, including an Instagram and Twitter feed can be the best way to improve our web and make it more social. Tweet Binder allows you to moderate the content in order to avoid unappropriated images.

Tweet Binder Solution
Discover the power of Instagram content

It is your turn to go beyond the social media analytics

It is really easy to surprise your customers and make them feel relevant. Here we have summarized some of our social media solutions for fashion brands. Do you want to go beyond the social media analytics? Contact us now! We will be more than happy to make your ideas come true!