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No matter how big or small our campaign is, we have to monitor it. Getting into details and data may seem complicated. And let’s be honest, sometimes it is. However, there are key metrics that have to be considered in order to value our campaign. We should not find any more excuses not to analyze hashtags. Not when Tweet Binder is the perfect analytics tool to analyze Instagram and Twitter hashtags. Do not worry, you are not alone. We are going to explain our Twitter and Instagram hashtag reports. Do not stop reading, you are going to become an (even) bigger Tweet Binder fan after this post.

Analyze Twitter hashtags

The first reason why you have to trust Tweet Binder is that it offer not one but two reports for every search. The infographic report contains the main data of the Twitter hashtags and it’s visually attractive. And the advanced report compiles all sort of data that you may need for a deep analysis. From all the tweets shared to the complete list of Twitter users, you have it all. Besides, you do not need to ruin you in order to get data. Our analytics tool has a free version, it includes two reports too, that is quite complete. In fact, is enough if you need basic statistics. The number of tweets, the number of retweets, how many accounts have tweeted… All it is included there.

Infographic report by Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder infographic report includes the basic statistics of the hashtag

A second good reason is that if you are a data lover: Tweet Binder is a mine gold. Not only we include statistics and rankings on our reports but we also include graphics. And, what’s more, a navegable date range timeline. Besides, with the PRO reports, every tweet and data can be exported into an Excel file. Take your time once you open one of the, they have way too many information. It’s so valuable and complete that you will love it. Real time analytics, historical data… Choose your Twitter hashtag report and study the data patiently. It is the main thing about our analytics tool.

Track Instagram hashtags

Instagram hashtags reports are not less amazing with Tweet Binder. If the Twitter data that we analyze are spectacular, Instagram reports are very complete too. Firstly, the are fascinating at first sight. It is easy to understand every number and data included on the report. There ever are tips that by putting the mouse over the figures explain what they mean.

Instagram hashtag analysis of #TheMatildas
Instagram hashtag report generated by Tweet Binder

Secondly, added to the statistics and global numbers obtained about the hashtag there are also rankings. Rankings of users and content classifications. That way is really easy to find out relevant accounts or the main publications of the report. In fact, Tweet Binder Instagram hashtag reports are perfect to discover relevant content. It’s easy and quite fast. And as with Twitter, every data can be download into an Excel file. Another joy for those who love to wander though data.

Trust Tweet Binder!

We hope you are still reading. Because we are happy to have you here and to encourage you to analyze Twitter hashtags and Instagram hashtags with Tweet Binder. We know that understanding data can seem overwhelming but we mean it when we say that you are not alone. We are here to help you. Go and check your hashtags, we await your contact in case you need assistance.

Analyze your hashtags