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Instagram also makes us laugh: #Youdidnotsleepthere

Millions of users share publications daily on Instagram. There are also millions of comments and likes that are shared every minute and countless new profiles. Some of these accounts belong to ordinary people, influencers, celebrities… However, thousands of them offer hilarious content in a very witty way. This is the case of #Youdidnotsleepthere.

Tweet Binder offers complete Instagram statistics to analyze any hashtag with the Instagram report. Today we are going to analyze one of the most hilarious hashtags sawn on Instagram: #Youdidnotsleepthere.

Instagram report powered by Tweet Binder: Let’s analyze!

By creating the Instagram report we will get all the information in a url. We will be able to analyze all the statistics, rankings and data. Everything is presented in attractive and ordered way. First of all, we have to decide what hashtag we want to analyze and the time period. In addition, we can check out the amount of publications that have been shared, either videos or photographs.

Thanks to our Instagram report we can know how many people (contributors) have shared content and how many likes the publications have generated. Then, we will be able to analyze the number of comments, the impact, the influence and, finally, the average number of publications that have been shared (engagement). These general statistics are very complete and give you the opportunity to know the main numbers really quick. Let’s check it with #Youdidnotsleepthere.

Instagram statistics of #Youdidnotsleepthere

#Youdidnotsleepthere is one of the most hilarious hashtags that we have found on Instagram lately. This American was tired of seeing all the Instagram travelers in unreal destinations (for example, inside a tent mounted near a cliff). Is it possible to believe that the Instagrammer really slept there? She has decided to make fun of it. The result is really comical.

It is very important to know which metrics are relevant for the analysis. The Instagram report offers the general picture of the main stats:

  • Number of posts: #Youdidnotsleepthere has 962 post, 97% of them are images and 3% videos.
  • Total amount of participants: 439 Instagram users shared publications with the hashtag.
  • Number of likes: 351,236 likes in 962 posts which has an average of 365 likes per post.
  • Impacts: The potential number of times the users have seen the hashtag: 16,864,432 in total.
  • Reach: The potential number of people who have seen the hashtag. This campaign reaches 2,926,414 users.
  • Level of influence: Average of followers per participant. The level of influence is 6,666.
  • Penetration level: Each user has shared an average of 2.19 post. It involves a high level of acceptance.

Secondly, we can check out eight rankings of users. These rankings include all the accounts that have shared content under the hashtag #Youdidnotsleepthere.


Finally, we can know how many likes and comments the publications have received. Although we already know the general stats, our Instagram reports also provide the exact number of likes and comments per post. Thanks to this feature, we can detect what type of publication has generated more engagement. As we did with #Youdidnotsleepthere.

It is very important to analyze how your campaign has evolved in order to make decisions and future actions. Tweet Binder always offers the infographic and the excel version of the report. Check out the Instagram our Instagram reports and find out more about the Instagram statistics.