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Viral campaigns on Twitter

There is no place like Twitter

If we were to ask anyone about the place where they tend to express their opinions in, more than a 70% will answer Twitter. However, we have to be careful with what be post. We can get in trouble if we post offensive messages about someone or inappropriate content about something. Our motto is “There is no place like Twitter”. Especially for viral campaigns. We are not declaring this because Tweet Binder is a Twitter monitoring tool, but because our experience allows us to say so. By doing a Twitter analysis, we can see how people are behaving about any topic any place in the world.

You can be completely clueless about what’s going on around the world and you can get all the answers you need just by opening Twitter. Everyday millions of accounts tweet about political, sportive, music and any entertainment events. This is why Twitter has such a big community, you can find official and verified accounts posting comments about what it happening about the elections in the USA (for example) but you can also find regular people tweeting their opinions about the topic.

The importance of Twitter analysis

An important part of being a Twitter monitoring tool is to, of course, read Twitter everyday and detect hot topics and breaking news. After having read hundreds of thousands of tweets we can say that we have seen almost everything. Running a Twitter analysis about a topic you are interested in can give you a very good overview about how people are behaving. We have tracked from real time events to past activity. With Tweet Binder there is no limit when tracking Twitter. We can go as far in the past as you need us to.

Running a good Twitter analysis becomes important with viral campaigns with millions of participants. We are not saying that you should not track campaigns that aim to a smaller audience. No, what we are saying is that the behaviour of users in this kind of actions is different. Whereas in small campaign users tend to post new comments; viral actions are more about RTs. We will see now some examples of actions that have gone viral because of the RTs they have received. It is true that people also replied to those tweets, but the number of RTs is what has given them the exposure they have had.

Viral campaigns on Twitter

As we have said, the fastest way of knowing what is going on around the world is by opening Twitter and reading the main topics of the day. Among many other things, people are now talking about CNN’s campaign named #FactsFirst.

There are lots of theories about what this tweets is really about. We have read some of those but if we were to read all of them we will spend the whole day. And this is what Twitter is all about. Someone can send a tweet in America that will have a worldwide impact.

It was expected for this tweets to become viral, CNN’s Twitter account has more than 38 million followers. But there are also tweets sent by anonymous users that suddenly become viral. His author may even end up in TV programs talking about it. A good example of this is the challenge Wendy’s put on Carter Wilkerson after he tweeted:

Carter started winning RTs every minute so this caught Ellen Degeneres. Ellen had the record of the most retweeted tweet with his Oscars’ picture.

As it was expected, Carter ended up going to Ellen’s show and they were amazing. So, what are we trying to say with all this? That Twitter is a very powerful tool and that should always  be used right. There is no place like Twitter but we need to know that we can not express our opinions if we end up hurting someone’s feelings. If you want to analyze any viral action on Twitter, feel free to contact us at any moment and we will help you! Moreover, we have released the new Tweet Binder, you should visit us!