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Fashion content on Social Networks

Fashion is an essential part of our daily life. First, we are constantly exposed to fashion adverts and fashion content. Second, the business generates thousands of dollars each day.  For these reasons, this industry obviously makes the most out of this power and influence on Social Networks too. One of the last examples were the #FashionAwards2017. Tweet Binder, as an analytics tool, knows the importance of the Twitter analysis and the Instagram stats. Let’s discover how to track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram by analyzing #FashionAwards2017.

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Fashion content on Twitter and Instagram

Track hashtags related to your event on Twitter

As you probably already know, it’s just as important to create and promote a hashtag as analyzing your activity once the event is over. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small event or a great event. We have to measure what has been said and how the content related to the event has been shared. In Tweet Binder’s, this is very simple because our analytical tool allows you to track hashtags on Twitter and Instagram. As a consequence, you will obtain the Twitter and Instagram stats perfectly sorted.

Remember that our Twitter reports have no time limit so you can analyze any event since Twitter exists. They also have no tweet limit. If you need Instagram stats, there is also no temporal limit but there is a limit of analyzed post.

Twitter analysis of #FashionAwards2017

Tweet Binder is the best analytics tool to track hashtags on Twitter. For that reason, we have analyzed the impact of the #FashionAwards2017 on Twitter. In order to get the most complete report, we have tracked tweets mentioning either for these hashtags: #FashionAwards2017 or #FashionAwards. These are the general stats for #FashionAwards2017:

Pro report powered by Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder report of #FashionAwards2017
Total Tweets 7,930
Retweets 6,553
Text tweets 185
Replies 49
Links & Pics 1,181
Contributors 4,732
Potential impacts 393,812,366
Potential Reach 72,317,399

In this case, 6,553 of the 7,930 total tweets are retweets. The rest can be divided into the other three types (185 Text tweets, 49 Replies and 1,181 Links/images. It is important to highlight the number of images due to the kind of event. Fashion events obviously empower the visual content. You can go deeper by consulting the complete report.

Instagram stats of #FashionAwards2017

The hashtag is the main character of the event. Tweet Binder has launched the Instagram analysis to get Instagram stats. Instagram reports offer valuable information about the event and in this case, a huge photo gallery with the most liked and most commented pics. Moreover, the Instagram analysis also shows the users who have participated in that conversation.

Tweet Binder report
Main stats of #FashionAwards2017
  • Number of post: #estonoesunselfie has1,102 post of which 79% are images and 21% videos
  • Users: The hashtag has been shared by 444 contributors
  • Number of likes:285,780 likes
  • Impacts: The potential number of times users could have seen the hashtag: 49,450,959
  • Reach: The potential number of people who could have seen the hashtag. This campaign potentially reaches 26,443,030 users
  • Level of influence: Average of followers per participant. 59,556
  • Penetration level: Each user has shared an average of 2,48 posts

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There is no doubt, our reports offer the most complete information. They will help you to make conclusions easily. What is more, you will be able to analyze the impact that an event has had on Twitter and Instagram. If you are also promoting an event, contact us!

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