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Battle on Twitter powered by Tweet Binder

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Display solutions for events

Tweet Binder has been working with numerous agencies and companies in the production of events for several years. We are delighted to bring our technology solutions for events and summits. All of these Display solutions have been perfected thanks our experience and above all, thanks to the opinions of our customers. Your tips and feedback help us to improve every day. In addition, we consistently innovate by implementing their ideas for to our Walls for events. One of our latest work is the perfect example of this synergy. The MCs battle of #ReciclandoVersosMadrid also became a battle on Twitter.

Walls for events: Surprise your attendees

We have spoken several times about the importance of the Walls for events . Countless events take place in our city. For that reason, it is vital to make a difference. A simple, and with fantastic results, option is the integrate Walls for events. It is simple because, thanks to Tweet Binder, the Wall will be personalized and integrated in the event. It is only necessary to know the image of the event and its features to create the Wall. Tweet Binder team works on the design, always under the guidelines of the customer. In this way, we achieve the digital part is in harmony with the rest of solutions. On the other hand, we affirm that you will obtain amazing results. The Walls for events are the best way to interact with the audience and make the public feel an active part of the event.

Social Walls and… What else?

In addition to the walls, we offer more display solutions for events that will surprise your audience at the event and via web
  • Hashtags battles: The hashtags battles are ideal to encourage the participation and create a ‘healthy’ competition between different teams, positions or speakers. Tweet Binder can customize the screen to  fits the image of the event. In addition, the data is updated in real time.
  • Microsite with social content:It will be the place of reference and encounter when it comes to searching for information. It leverages the content and information already shared in real time.
  • Landing pages: You can create a page based on different modules. It includes the main statistics and the most important rankings to capture the audience and encourage participation in real time.

#ReciclandoVersosMadrid: Battle on Twitter

For example, one of our recent events has been the battle #ReciclandoVersosMadrid in Madrid. Ecovidrio celebrated this event to raise awareness among young people about the importance of recycling. The event was designed in a very attractive way and 100% focused on the public. 8 young rappers faced in a battle of roosters improvising with terms related to recycling. In addition, the response was spectacular because the entrance was free for those who brought a container for recycling.

The idea in this case was very clear. Moving the battle to Twitter and create a battle on Twitter among rappers based on the number of mentions. The attendees had to mention their favorite MC to be placed first in the ranking and win the battle. The audience’s response exceeded all expectations. Once again, the social walls for events and specifically, this battle on Twitter, hooked the attendants.

If you have your own idea and you need our help to energize your social networking event, do not hesitate to contact us. More information at