The Super Bowl LII 2018 on Twitter

Twitter is the best platform to comment live sports

And that’s right! We all love sports here at Tweet Binder, the mix of Sports and Twitter is one of the best things in the Social Media World. The Super Bowl LII was the event of the week for us here so we decided to track every mention and tweet for the Super Bowl. The¬†Philadelphia Eagles won over the New England Patriots in an amazing game. We ran a brief report on how people used Twitter during the 2018 Super Bowl and the results are amazing. The Super Bowl LII had a new hashtag #SBLII (52 using roman numbers, by the way). We were curious to see if the fans were going to engage with this new hashtag and we saw how the @NFL account insisted on it using it in all its tweets:

We jumped to a fast conclusion after this Super Bowl: Twitter is the best way to comment and engage with others during live sports. The amount of information is huge, but if you filter ok your sources you will be able to enjoy it even more.

Tracking the Super Bowl hashtags and accounts

The main hashtags were: #SBLII and #SuperBowlLII, however we also tracked a few that could be interesting:

  • #SuperBowl
  • #SB52 (just in case)
  • #GoPats
  • #FlyEaglesFly
  • @Patriots
  • @Eagles
  • Tom Brady
  • Nick Foles (MVP of the game)
The period of analysis was a few hours before the game and a few after the game. We started counting exactly 8 hours before the game and stopped counting 12 hours after the game, so we could get all the “fatter game” tweets. The results are amazing and have helped us to remember why we love our job.

Twitter data of the main hashtags of the Super Bowl 2018

Here the data of the main hashtags of the Super Bowl 2018. We have included tweets and retweets:

  • #SuperBowlLII¬†285,749 tweets
  • #SBLII¬†803,204 tweets
  • #SB52¬†275,696 tweets
  • @Superbowl:¬†118,985 tweets
  • #SuperBowl:¬†2,520,308 tweets

The first thing we see is that the official hashtag #SBLII was heavily used by the Twitter users with almost a million tweets. The other “official” hashtag,¬†#SuperBowlLII had more than 285k tweets, so we can say that the @NFL got people to use them. However, as it happens every year, the non-official but logic hashtag #SuperBowl was the total winner with more than 2,5MM tweets being the most used hashtag of all.

Team and Players of the #SBLII

The teams were the Philadelphia Eagles (by remembering the movie Invincible by Mark Wahlberg you will see how incredible this victory is) and the New England Patriots. And the most important players were Nick Foles, MVP of the Super Bowl, and of course Tom Brady one of the best players of all times. We also analyzed their official hashtags #GoPats and #FlyEaglesFly, here the results:

  • Tom Brady:¬†760,732 tweets
  • Nick Foles:¬†419,569 tweets
  • #GoPats¬†166,347 tweets
  • #FlyEaglesFly¬†946,978 tweets
  • @Eagles¬†811,168 tweets
  • @Patriots¬†372,285 tweets

It is amazing to see that Tom Brady still gets all the attention. He made a huge mistake at the end of the game and Twitter doesn’t forget.

The Super Bowl was amazing, if you need to compare this data with previous years, please let us know. We will be here to help. We love Twitter as you can see!

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