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Super Bowl Hashtags – Main Twitter highlights

Super Bowl Hashtag analysis

Twitter is the best platform to comment live sports

And that’s right! There is doubt about that Twitter is the best platform to commend and discuss live events. Among them, sportive events are huge when analyzing their Twitter relevance. We all love sports at Tweet Binder, the mix of Sports and Twitter is one of the best things in the Social Media World. The Super Bowl is the sports event that kicks off the year. And, as it couldn’t be any other way, Tweet Binder has run a hashtag tracking analysis for every Super Bowl hashtag and we are going to share the insights with you.

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What is the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is a football championship but it is more than that. Is one of the biggest events that kicks off the year. It is not only a sports event but it is also a marketing and publicity event. Every big company works hard to try to get their commercial into the Super Bowl. If this wasn’t enough, the Super Bowl is a music event as well. Worldwide known artists perform during the Super Bowl halftime show and that put up incredible performances. Shakira and J-lo will conduct the Super Bowl 2020 halftime show. With these artists, we can expect a breathtaking performance. Remember the Super Bowl 2019 halftime show?

According to Wikipedia, this is the definition of the Super Bowl:

The Super Bowl is the annual championship game of the National Football League (NFL). The game is the culmination of a regular season that begins in the late summer of the previous year.

Super Bowl 2020

We don’t currently know which team will be playing the Super Bowl 2020. However, two NFL teams will earn their pass to it and will work hard to win it. The teams that made it to the Super Bowl 2019 were Los Angeles Rams and the New England Patriots. The ones who took the trophy home were the New England Patriots.

When is the Super Bowl LIV

The Super Bowl LIV will take place on the 2nd of February, Sunday. Since 2003, every Super Bowl has taken place during the first week of February. This is the second time a Super Bowl is played on the 2nd of February. As usual, the Super Bowl 2020 takes place one week after the Pro Bowl, which takes place in Orlando, and two weeks after the NFC and AFC championship games.

Where is the game

The game is going to take place at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida. This way, Miami Gardens is going to host its sixth Super Bowl game. The NFL announced the location back in 2019. During that meeting it was decided that Atlanta was going to host the Super Bowl in 2019, while South Florida will be hosting the Super Bowl 2020 and Los Angeles will host it in 2021.

Where to buy tickets for the game

The tickets for the Super Bowl 2020 can be purchased straight from the NFL On Location website. Notice that if you want to attend the game you have to be willing to spend a big amount of money. On that website tickets start at 4,675USD and they go up to 29,750USD

Who is going to play the Super Bowl LIV

The Kansas city chiefs will play against the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl 2020. The San Francisco 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship and the Chriefs defeated the Tennessee Titans winning the AFC Championship.

2019 Super Bowl hashtags

As with every big event, there can be a main hashtag but people will end up using many different ones. For the Super Bowl 2019, the main hashtag was #SBLIII. After doing a Twitter analysis of everything posted about the game, we discovered that there were several hashtags used along with the main one. Here are the Twitter stats for the Super Bowl hashtags of 2019:

  • #SuperBowlLIII 202,267 tweets
  • #SBLIII 616,139 tweets
  • #SB53 26,474 tweets
  • @Superbowl: 114,004 tweets
  • #SuperBowl: 2,017,629 tweets

Check Super Bowl 2019 Twitter analysis

Tracking the Super Bowl 2018 hashtags

As we have mentioned, although huge efforts are done to comment under one hashtag, it does not always work. That’s why we have checked other popular hashtags. This is something that we always recommend when analyzing an event or campaign. Be open minded. Taking into account the main hashtag and others that may have also generated activity will give more complete results.

First of all, we are going to describe the popular hashtags of the game. In fact, the main hashtags were: #SBLII and #SuperBowlLII. However we also tracked a few hashtags and Twitter account that could also add valuable data:

  • #SuperBowl
  • #SB52 (just in case)
  • #GoPats
  • #FlyEaglesFly
  • @Patriots
  • @Eagles
  • Tom Brady
  • Nick Foles (MVP of the game)
Getting to know the most relevant hashtags shared with the main one is important. Actually, it may help us to get more accurate data if we combine the analysis of all the hashtags. Or, at least, from those two or three more popular. This way, we’ll have a bigger picture of how and who tweeted about the event.
The period of analysis was a few hours before the game and a few hours after the game. We started counting exactly 8 hours before the game and stopped counting 12 hours after the game, so we could get all the “fatter game” tweets. The results are amazing and have helped us to remember why we love our job.

2018 Super Bowl Hashtags

For example, we ran a brief report on how people used Twitter during the Super Bowl 2018 and the results are amazing. The Super Bowl LII had a new hashtag #SBLII (52 using roman numbers, by the way). We were curious to see if the fans were going to engage with this new hashtag and we saw how the @NFL account insisted on it. They included the official hashtag in all its tweets:

We have tracked all those relevant hashtags. These are the data of the main hashtags of the Super Bowl 2018. The figures below include tweets and retweets to be more precise:

  • #SuperBowlLII 285,749 tweets
  • #SBLII 803,204 tweets
  • #SB52 275,696 tweets
  • @Superbowl: 118,985 tweets
  • #SuperBowl: 2,520,308 tweets

The first thing we see is that the official hashtag #SBLII was heavily used by the Twitter users with almost a million tweets. The other “official” hashtag, #SuperBowlLII had more than 285k tweets, so we can say that the @NFL got people to use them. However, as it happens every year, the non-official but logic hashtag #SuperBowl was the total winner with more than 2,5MM tweets being the most used hashtag of all.

We jumped to a fast conclusion after this Super Bowl 2018: Twitter is the best way to comment and engage with others during live sports. The amount of information is huge, but if you filter ok your sources you will be able to enjoy it even more. It’s not just about tweeting here. We are eager about understanding data and giving it a meaning. In fact, we offer Twitter analytics but also consultancy so the data can be more than trusted. Understanding the data and giving the figures its right value is key at Tweet Binder.

Team and Players of the #SBLII

The teams were the Philadelphia Eagles (by remembering the movie Invincible by Mark Wahlberg you will see how incredible this victory is) and the New England Patriots. And the most important players were Nick Foles, MVP of the Super Bowl 2018, and of course Tom Brady one of the best players of all times. We have also analyzed the official hashtags of both teams (#GoPats and #FlyEaglesFly) and the mentions the players received to their Twitter accounts.

These are the metrics we analyzed with Tweet Binder:

  • Tom Brady: 760,732 tweets
  • Nick Foles: 419,569 tweets
  • #GoPats 166,347 tweets
  • #FlyEaglesFly 946,978 tweets
  • @Eagles 811,168 tweets
  • @Patriots 372,285 tweets

It is amazing to see that Tom Brady still gets all the attention. He made a huge mistake at the end of the game and Twitter doesn’t forget. In fact, our reports include a timeline chart where we can check the highlights of the analysis. Besides we can detect the tweets and the Twitter accounts that have mostly generated the highest impact. Twitter and sports are the perfect combination to understand fans and their social behavior. And everything is possible with Tweet Binder to get all the data needed to it.

Super Bowl Twitter conclusion

As the Twitter metrics and the event prove: The Super Bowl was amazing. If you need to compare this data with previous years, please let us know. We will be here to help. Also, if you need any sports data or any Twitter analysis, Tweet Binder is your tool. We can analyze tweets is real time and also generate reports with custom date range. No matter if your event or campaign have already happened. Tweet Binder is the perfect Twitter analytics tool to monitor any tweet.

Try Tweet Binder now!

We love Twitter and sports as you can see! So now it is your time to create your own Tweet Binder reports. Or, for even, to decide to analyze a big event as the Super Bowl and count with us. We are waiting here to help you with anything. From how to get the data to when to start and stop the monitoring regarding the event’s need. Do not worry about anything. We are used to work with any type of event and data.

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