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Social Media Marketing Solutions powered by Tweet Binder

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Go beyond the hashtag with our Social Media Marketing Solutions

Every digital campaign or event in social media works better with a hashtag. But, nowadays, it is necessary to go one step further. Users want to be part of the conversation and spread their opinions. This trend makes it necessary to create new social spaces where all that content is collected and revalued. This way, customers will feel special and will interact with the campaign in an organic way. When planning an action: What does your brand do to make the difference on Twitter and Instagram? Tweet Binder has the key! We are specialized in Social Media Marketing Solutions and real time content. In fact, we propose here several ideas.

Hashtag Battle

First of all, let’s discover one of the best Social Media Marketing Solutions. We want to introduce you one of the most successful tools: The hashtag battle. Thanks to Tweet Binder it is possible to face two or more hashtags and users. This is the best way to revitalize the hashtag in real time. This is a unique Tweet Binder custom solution. Our technology allows the creation of binders to organize the tweets, also it allows you to face different terms or accounts. As a conclusion, you can create rankings or battles. There is no limit to create binders so there is no limit of terms to be reached. Customize the image according to the campaign design and choose the information displayed on screen. Your audience will freak out!

Geolocation for Social Media Marketing campaigns

Secondly, it is possible to geolocate the real time content or hashtag’s activity on a map. Besides, the content can be moderated and highlighted. These kind of solutions work perfectly in any kind of event or campaign. For example it is possible to create the perfect space for your fans with the Tour Manager. You will be able to geolocate all the tour cities and display every concert stats and moderated pics from Twitter and Instagram. It is super easy to participate because people just have fun by sharing their experience at the concerts. It is possible to insert commercial ads or the purchase button.

On the other hand, you can create the Events’ manager (if you produce several events during the year). The Events’ manager helps you to control all your events from just one site. The Event Social Manager allows to geolocate all the events on a map and it includes their statistics in an attractive and friendly way. It is possible to navigate between the different editions and discover the moderated images and tweets. This integration not only streamlines your workflow but also significantly saves you time.

Social Feed: Display real time content

Make users feel part of the campaign with a personalized and interactive site. Customize the design and content according to the objectives of the campaign and display the images and tweets in real time. Sport events, product campaigns, contests… You can create a custom site for any kind of action or Social Media Marketing campaign. What is more, you can combine Twitter and Instagram content according to your needs. It’s really easy to implement. Users will feel that their opinion is important and relevant so the image of the brand or event will be reinforced organically.