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Annual Plans for Twitter analytics and Instagram insights

Twitter annual plan

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Plan your Social Media strategy: Twitter annual plan

Social networks and online marketing change every day. There is no doubt about it. New features or new algorithms appear and change the stage as we know it. For this reason, all the professionals must be constantly open minded and always alert to these novelties. Although this improvisation is inevitable and necessary, we must also be clear about our long-term Social Media strategy. Twitter Analytics and Instagram insights can help you to set up and maintain the right Social Media strategy. Fortunately, you are at the right place. Our Twitter annual plan will give you these metrics. It doesn’t matter the volume of analysis you need. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you are a freelancer, a small or big marketing agency or a huge company. The Twitter annual plan will cover all your needs. What is more! You can renew, expand or cancel your plan at any time. Discover the different options by reading the following post.

Choose your best long-term plan

We talked about the monthly plans recently. Tweet Binder has no stay policy and our monthly plans are great for specific campaigns or busy months. However, if we have planned a long-term Social Media strategy, Twitter annual plan will be the best option for us. Why? Because we will have access to all the Twitter analytics and Instagram insights with no time limitation.

twitter annual plan
Tweet Binder offer monthly and Twitter annual plans

Tweet Binder offers different options. Thanks to that, each customer can choose the plan that best suits their needs. Let’s discover the main specifications. OH! Wait! Remember that you will enjoy a month off if you subscribe to a Twitter annual plan with us.

Twitter analytics with no restrictions

As you can see, Twitter statistics are included in all the plans. It couldn’t be any other way. They are Tweet Binder’s soul. All our Twitter annual plans include unlimited 7-day reports. These reports show up to 10,000 tweets from the last 7 days. All the plans also include the advanced stats and the Excel exportation. If you also need real time analysis and 30-day reports, you will have to choose between the Medium, Advanced or Premium plan. The main difference is marked by the number of reports included (live and 30-day reports) and the total amount of monthly tweets.

The Medium plan includes up to 35,000 tweets/month during the year. On the other hand, the Advanced plan 125,000 tweets/month and the Premium plan 270,000 tweets/month during the year. It is important to know that the Advanced and Premium plans also include Historical reports. These reports can analyze any hashtag, term or account with no date range limitation.

Instagram insights are included in the annual plan

Although Twitter is our soul, we can not forget the Instagram insights. Little by little, Instagram has gained a privileged position if we talk about online marketing campaigns. For this reason, we have taken into account the Instagram metrics in our plans. On other publications we have explained that we can analyze Instagram hashtags quickly and on demand. Our annual plan also include these kind of reports. So do not worry! All your Instagram insights will be covered thanks to our Instagram reports.

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