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AS Roma Twitter League

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AS Roma revolutionizes the use of Twitter

One of the best and greatest football teams in Italy and Europe, AS Roma, has decided to use Twitter to create a greater relationship between the team and their fans. Twitter (and Instagram too) are the most commonly used tools during the football games. Most of the fans use them to talk about the players, the rival, the referee, etc. Twitter and sport is the perfect combination and AS Roma already knows it! AS Roma has decided to use all the content generated by the users to increase the feeling of community between their supporters.

The AS Roma Twitter League combine statistics, rankings, pictures, tweets and the ideal team roster in the same space. In addition, it presents a battle with the rival team. It is a best combination.

The AS Roma Twitter League can be visited in this link: AS Roma Twitter League. AS Roma has proved, once again, that it is one of the most innovative teams because they have decided to give a voice to their fans and make the content that they share relevant through the AS Roma Twitter League. During the month of July, the team is in the United States playing the International Champions Cup. That’s when they have decided to launch the AS Roma Twitter League powered by Tweet Binder.

AS Roma is an example for all Europe

Why has Roma become one of the most digital teams in Europe? The answer is really simple: Their fans have a space where they collect all the images and tweets shared on Twitter and Instagram. They can also interact with the microsite and other fans with the voting systems by choosing teams and players. The AS Roma Twitter League presents several modules that help to obtain the the greatest engagement possible.

Daniel McLaren, editor of the magazine Digital Sport, wrote an article about the AS Roma Twitter league detailing that “the solution is perfect for the promotion of football matches.” Paul Rogers, from the digital department of the AS Roma stated on Twitter:

General statistics and rankings of users

First of all, the Twitter League shows the general statistics of the match. Tweet Binder‘s unique technology offers the possibility to create a second match between the teams on Twitter. For that reason, the game also moves to Twitter as the fans will vote directly for their team. Three users rankings are also included in order to encourage the competition. We can analyze the most mentioned players, according to the number of mentions, and the most active and most popular users. A healthy competition among users is created to become the biggest fan of Roma.

The ideal team roster

Secondly, the Twitter league shows the ideal team roster for the Roma according to the number of mentions each player receives. Users can vote for their favorite players directly through the microsite by sharing as many tweets as they want. Thanks to this interaction, you can increase the level of conversation on Twitter. You can also navigate between different formations according to the layout of the Roma into the field.

Tweets and pics of AS Roma

Finally, they decided to include all the images and tweets shared by users under the hashtag #Asroma. Fans share content by themselves so they has made the right decision to take advantage of it. In addition, sponsors and messages can be included to achieve greater impact on social networks. At this point, we include Twitter and Instagram photographs.

AS Roma knows how to reach his fans in an interactive and attractive way to make the most out of social networks. If you want to know more about the Twitter League or any other service, do not forget to visit our website or contact us.