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Photo Contests with Tweet Binder: #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot

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Create a Social Media Photo contest

When it comes to promoting products, campaigns or shows the options are countless. Nowadays, it seems complicated to surprise our followers. We receive too many messages everyday and we have access to too much content. For that reason, making our campaign out stand can seem tricky. Sometimes the easiest way is the most effective one. The best example: Photo contest on social media. There are many options: Asking to be followed and posting content, offering a reward… It doesn’t matter what process we choose. We can give value to the content shared by making it visible. By creating the perfect social space, you will rock the scene as Billy Elliot The Musical did with Tweet Binder and #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot.

What is #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot?

The premier of Billy Elliot The Musical was October the 5th in Madrid. For that event, we created an action focussing on those that attended the previous shows. They had to share their experience in order to win an special pass for the big opening night. The campaign was really easy. Users only had to upload their photos to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot. You could even upload it to the Facebook page. To summarize, it is the social album of the assistants and fans who want their attendance to be rewarded. And, last but not least, they had the option of winning a VIP box for six people.

The power of images is unquestionable but in case it was not enough, we included the Tweet Feed. Tweets shared under the hashtag appeared in the feed. It is important to know that there are people who do not like appear in pictures. And it is as important to give them their space in actions and competitions. That is another success for the #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot campaign, which included tweets and even allowed to interact with them.

Showing all the content of social networks helps users to easily share their experiences. In fact, many of the attendees were uploading photos and posting tweets during the show to express their opinion about the performance. As you already know, sharing tweets and pics is the best way to boost your event.

How #YoYaHeVistoBillyElliot works?

Our system to manage the publications is robust and reliable. Every publication shared under the hashtag was registered (with the exception of private accounts). The content was offered to the customer directly through an API. They designed the site for the action.

The design can be carry out according to the client’s guidelines although Tweet Binder team also give advice. It is important to highlight that an essential part of our service is to moderate the content before it is published. The moderation panel is easy-to-use for the customer and we deliver it in periods that do not exceed 10 days.

If you think Billy Elliot’s case could be applied to one of your campaigns or it has inspired you some ideas, contact us!.