2 min readTaylor Swift is back, maybe?

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Taylor Swift disappears from Social Media and comes back with an intriguing message

It is true that, if you want to make noise, you should go to Social Media and publish that message you are eager to share. The main social network to obtain higher repercussion of your message is Twitter. Social Media is commonly used by artists and musicians to announce new movies, series or music records. For these releases they like to create intrigue among their fans. The last one to do so was Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift suddenly vanished from Social Media. On August 18th the worldwide known singer erased all the content from her Twitter account, Instagram, Facebook, her official website and Tumblr. Suddenly everyone was jumping into different conclusions about what this could mean. Was she hacked? After the hackers’ attacks to HBO, everything is possible. Does she want to disappear from the social radar? Being that famous may be tiring and maybe she just wants a little bit of piece.

However, the theory that seems hit the target is the belief that she might be releasing a new album. Taylor never does anything without meaning; she does not do anything unintentionally. After the black out, the artist posted an intriguing video of what seems so be a snake. The video has no sound and it just lasts for 10 seconds.


Twitter goes crazy

After the publishing of this video Twitter users went insane. Theories were multiplied by one million and everyone started tweeting to the artist asking what was happening. Lots of hashtags were created by fans as a result of the craziness such as #TS6IsComing.

While writing this post, Taylor Swift has published a new tweet displaying again what seems to be a snake. At this moment the tweet has 39,823 likes and 19,862 RTs and numbers are growing minute by minute.

Twitter analysis of #TS6IsComing

Well, it is impossible that what an artist with 82,375,424 followers publishes on Twitter can be left unnoticed. The hashtag #TS6IsComing has generated at this moment more than 200,000 tweets. What does this means? That Taylor Swift is more than alive than ever. The graph is actually quite revealing:

#TS6IsBack and Twitter is excited about it
Twitter activity graph of #TS6IsBack

We can see two main peaks that refer to when the artist runs away from Social Media and to when she publishes that first video. Actually, we can see how another peak is going to form on the right side due to the tweet she has just sent with another intriguing video of a snake.

What conclusions can we obtain after seeing what is happening and reading this? Well, it is safe to say that the Taylor Swift fandom would be over the moon if the artist releases a new album. As a Twitter hashtag tool we are eager to see what else the singer has to say and to keep analyzing it on Twitter. We are sure she has much more to say than two snake videos.

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