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360 event – #OracleDigitalCX18 for Oracle’s Digital Summit

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The importance of organizing an event: #OracleDigitalCX18

When it comes to organizing an event we have to be aware of many aspects. Each type of event has its own needs and that is why we have to take time in each detail. This week, from Tweet Binder, we are helping many companies with their future events. It is very important to set up what it is going to be about, what is going to happen during the event and how we are going to measure its success. At first sight this may seem quite complicated but it is not. Tweet Binder is the perfect tool to assure every action’s success. We are going to analyze how Oracle made the most out of  the digital summit #OracleDigitalCX18.

#OracleDigitalCX18, a 360 event

What do we mean by 360 event? It is an event which incorporates many different aspects such as a social wall, a moderation panel and a later Twitter report. In this case, our example is Oracle’s Digital Summit. They relied on Tweet Binder to power their social wall. A social wall undoubtedly is a great tool to engage with our audience through a Twitter hashtag. Oracle used the hashtag #OracleDigitalCX18 which was included in their wall in order to allow every attendee to post during the event.

They had access to the moderation panel. This means that they were able to moderate all the content appearing at the social wall. They decided whether a tweet could appear or not. This is really helpful because, sometimes, the content might get mixed. And it could happen that non-related content was seen on screen; in order to avoid this there are two types of moderation that we offer. The first option is giving our clients access to the moderation panel, that way they’re the ones who decide which content is shown. The second option involves our team: it’s us who take care of the moderation.

Measuring Oracle’s Digital Summit success

After Oracle’s Digital Summit, they decided to measure how far did their hashtag go. That is why we generated a report which gave us many information about the event. Thanks to it we were able to see how many tweets were sent using the hashtag, which were the most active users, which were the most popular, who got the highest impact… All these aspects are helpful because they show if the event we have been organizing has been successful or not.

At Tweet Binder we offer the best tools to empower your event. We create the wall for you, even its background; we study your needs and adapt the content to them. Our tool offers the possibility of highly engaging your audience thanks to these powerful interactive technologies. And, after that, we create the necessary reports so that you can see how many people had participated and their sentiment towards your event.


If you have any questions feel free to contact our team. We are always willing to help you and to give you the perfect solution for your events. We are aware about how important they are.