Influencers on Instagram: #PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers

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Influencers on Instagram: Why is it important to analyze their activity?

Instagram has become the best social media network for brands and promoting campaigns with influencers is the most effective strategy to detect future clients and prescribers. The combination between brands and great influencers works perfectly on product launches campaigns. It is the case of the new collection #PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers. Hawkersco associates its product to a well-known actress and one of the most important influencers of Spain. As a result, the brand reaches directly an audience interested in this kind of products and she revalues her image as an influencer at the same time.

It is a huge audience so it is vital to measure these campaigns to detect future clients. By analyzing the content shared under the hashtag, we will have all the information about the reach of the collaboration. We will know the general stats, our prescribers and all the potential future customers. It is important to associate the brand to a famous person but it is also important to know if the collaboration has worked. Tweet Binder Instagram reports allow you to know all these data in a simple and intuitive way.

General stats

#PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers is a perfect example of the importance of having a good community of followers. Despite the number of post (474) the impact of the hashtag and the level of influence (average of followers by user) is high. It is therefore a successful campaign in quality.


Tweet Binder Instagram Report
General stats

It is very important to know which metrics have to be considered for the analysis. Tweet Binder report offers the general picture of the main stats:

  • Number of post: #PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers has 474 post of which 98% are images and 2% videos.
  • Number of participants: The hashtag has been shared by 225 Instagram users. Considering that Paula Echeverría has more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram it could seem a low number of users.
  • Number of likes: 1.450.510 likes in 474 posts which is an average of 3,060 likes per post.
  • Impacts: The potential number of times the users have seen the hashtag. 96.274.789 in total.
  • Reach: The potential number of people who have seen the hashtag. This campaign reaches 3,849,953 users.
  • Level of influence: Average of followers per participant. The level of influence is high.
  • Penetration level: Each user has shared an average of 2 post. It involves a high level of acceptance.

Prescribers y future clients

Tweet Binder Instagram reports show 8 rankings of users based on the activity of the influencer and the scope of their post. We can also detect brand prescribers and users that love the brand. They can become future customers. In this case, we see how Paula Echevarría makes the #1 in all the activity and engagement rankings. She shared the highest number of post and she is also the most popular contributor. On the other hand, it’s the account that more likes and comments has received. Hawkersco doesn’t appear in the most active ranking (that’s why the brand works with the influencer) but it is one of the most popular.
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Tweet Binder IG report

Likes and comments: Level of participation #PaulaEchevarriaForHawkers

Finally, we need to know how many likes and comments have received the publications. Although we have already known the General stats, Tweet Binder reports also provide the exact number for post. Thanks to this option, we can detect what type of publication has more engagement.

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Promote campaigns with influencers in Instagram is one of the most effective strategies to reach our like-minded audience. In the case of Hawkersco, this penetration is achieved successfully. However, we must go further. We must not forget that analyze the results is the key to assess the campaigns with influencers. If you work with influencers and you need to know how your campaigns go to know your future clients, contact us.