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It is a fact Social Media “rules” our daily lives. If we want to know the hot news, we go to Twitter. If we want to know the latest trends we check Instagram. If we are looking for a job, we visit Linkedin. And if anyone tells you the opposite, he is lying. Okey, we know that we might be exaggerating a little bit; but we are very close to reality. If you go for a walk you will see that 87% of pedestrians are holding their phones in their hands. Brands and companies are not missing this opportunity of reaching millions of people by hitting a button. How many campaigns or ads do you see each day on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook? Countless! But this post is not to talk about how Social Media is ruling our lives but to point out its use by the music industry.

Music and Social Media

Music industry is really changing thanks to Social Media. Brands and groups are taking advantage of Twitter or Instagram to throw contests. They let their fans win tickets to their concerts or even win a chance to meet them! Musicians use Social Media to connect with their fans. But also fans use Social Media to express their love about their favorite bands. They create what are called “fandoms“. These communities are where fans gather to speak about the latest release of a singer or to talk about them just because. We have already spoken about a very famous fandom named #TheScriptFamily. This is a huge community that every day generates thousands of posts about The Script. You can know more about the in this post.

Music social tours? Yes, please!

So, how about if we put together all those messages that users share on Twitter on Instagram? This is what our team thought when they went to a Guns N’ Roses concert and posted pictures about it. Can you imagine a place where you can check all the stats about your favorite band’s tour? Your wishes are our command! We have created the Tour Manager. Do you know who has already tried it? Artists such as Guns N’ Roses or the amazing Bryan Adams. They both have a really cool site which displays all the stats about their tours.

What do they get out of a campaign like this? A lot! From an economic point of view, as there is a link to their official store they obtain revenue from the merchandising. But from a fandom point of view, they let their fans feel that sense of community. Their supporters are the ones who create the content of that site. Fans went totally crazy when they realized that they could upload a picture that will be posted in Bryan Adams‘ official web page. The experience is incredible. Also, it is very interactive and intuitive. We display a map with all the concerts so it is easier to check stats from a city.

#GetUpTour Social Media tour by Bryan Adams
Map with located activity of every Bryan Adams concert during the #GetUpTour

Music festivals or world tours

Are you organizing a music festival? Do you manage the tour for a music group? Contact us NOW! Tweet Binder’s music experts are willing to speak with you and let you know everything about our Tour Manager.

Let’s get the party started!