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How to measure hashtags on Instagram with Tweet Binder

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Instagram is the favorite social media network for companies and brands nowadays: It’s the best storefront to show their products! Entrepreneurs are turning Instagram into an e-commerce platform and the agencies have to measure Instagram hashtags to ponder the invested resources. At that point, Tweet Binder takes part. Our Instagram tracker tool creates complete Instagram analytics reports with all the necessary information.

How measure Instagram hashtags can convert users into clients

Every campaign is developed under a hashtag and many agencies create Instagram campaigns with influencers now. The importance of analytics in social networks is unquestionable. Every campaign on Instagram is incomplete if we don’t analyze and valued its impact to make positive decisions. Measuring what your hashtag obtain against the competitors helps you to have an objective view of the level of acceptance and interaction with users and potential customers.

Tweet Binder is the most complete Instagram tracker tool

Tweet Binder has been specialized in Twitter Analytics for many years. We have been working really hard recently to offer the same service as an Instagram tracker tool. Thanks to our features, any client can analyze hashtags on Instagram without data limit and the best design.

If you need to present a summary of any hashtag on Instagram you have to check out Tweet Binder. Tweet Binder users receive an all-in Instagram Analytics reports that shows impacts, total number of likes and comments, most active and influential users,  locations, filters and so much more. 

Instagram analytics reports by Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder Instagram analytics reports offer the main stats in just one look. It’s really important for agencies and brands to know the global average of the campaign. For that reason, Tweet Binder displays all that info in the same module. The reports include the number of post, contributors, likes and comments. On the other hand, we analyze the influence and engagement of the hashtag.

Working with influencers to promote products and services has become increasingly important. Tweet Binder reports offers eight rankings of users to get to know the audience the best way possible.

Instagram is the visual network for excellence so the media content is so important. The Instagram Analytics reports show the most liked and the most commented post according to the number of likes and comments.


Last but not least, Tweet Binder knows the importance of measure Instagram hashtags related to their location. Our Instagram tracker tool offers the most complete map with the geolocation of all the post. Moreover, all the location information is included in detail inside the excel report.

Now it’s your time to request your report with Tweet Binder and analyze all the stats related to your hashtag campaign. Feel free to contact us anytime you need to get the most of our Instagram tracker tool.