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Why are Instagram analytics so important?

Instagram has become one of the most powerful tools to share and raise people’s awareness. We are 24/7 exposed to that content. Any message arrives really quick thanks to its immediacy and closeness. As you already know, Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag on Instagram. Thanks to this feature, you will obtain all the Instagram analytics. Our Instagram reports include all the Instagram stats around a hashtag. For that reason, they are really useful to analyze any campaign. What is more, reports display Instagram insights in a very attractive way.

Let’s discover the Instagram insights

Our reports are really complete and intuitive. Thanks to this analysis you will be able to discover how your campaign is doing on Instagram in just one click. First of all, you have to contact us with the main information about your campaign: Date and hashtag. Remember that Instagram reports are final reports although you can request your own updates during the time of analysis. Tweet Binder will contact you soon with your Instagram stats and the excel document with all the information.

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Discover all the Instagram stats in just one click

Instagram stats and excel exportation

Our Instagram analytics include two different reports to cover all your needs:

  • Online Instagram report: We provide an url that shows all the Instagram insights in a very attractive design. We work really hard on giving the best Instagram analytics so it is really easy to get the main stats and the users’ information. On the one hand, the report shows the general stats such as total posts, contributors, number of likes and comments and impacts and reach. What is more, you will discover the level of influence and engagement. On the other hand, you will discover all the Instagram stats related to the users. Our reports include up to eight user rankings according to multiple criteria (activity, popularity, impact…). The reports also offer two media rankings with the most liked and most commented pics, the activity location showing the geolocated post and two extra rankings.
  • Excel exportation: The excel exportation is really useful to deepen into the stats and contributors. The excel document includes all the Instagram insights well classified in order to make your analysis easier. The online reports are great but being able to download all the information is vital for marketers.
Instagram hashtag analysis -Tweet Binder
Instagram hashtag analysis powered by Tweet Binder

As you can see, Tweet Binder can really help you with your Instagram analytics. By requesting a report with us, you will receive the most complete insights and an excel document. Both documents will cover your client’s needs in just one click and, what is more, they will give you the perfect shoot of how your campaign is performing on Instagram.

If you are running your own campaign, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to help you. It is important to highlight that Tweet Binder also offers Twitter reports in order for the analysis to be as complete as possible. Do you want to try it?

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