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#FreedomChild – New album by @TheScript

@TheScript launches a new album

Social Media can be used for a wide range of purposes. You can be at a football game or at a corporate event and you will see tons of people using their mobile phones tweeting and posting their opinions. Twitter and Instagram have become very useful tools for communication teams to share news about their products or events. Having said this, it is important to highlight the importance of these Social Networks for the music industry. We wrote about how Taylor Swift erased all the content from his social platforms in order to promote her new album.

Today, it is the turn of The Script and their new album #FreedomChild. This group has a very faithful group of fans (which we are included in) who are known as #TheScriptFamily. When the Script does something on Twitter, his group of supporters tweets as there was no tomorrow (and we know it because we have analyzed several of their hashtags). We have analyzed the repercussion of the launching of their new CD #FreedomChild.

Twitter Stats for #FreedomChild

The period of time for this analysis is since the first of September, day they launched the album. With just an overview of the report we were able to jump to the conclusion that it was a total success; 7,417 tweets in just four days is an incredible amount. We have excluded the RTs from this analysis as we wanted to see the original content published with the hashtag.

General stats

Total Tweets7,417
Potential impacts101,827,824
Potential Reach17,915,597

It is important to notice that RTs have been excluded, if we had included them the impact, reach and number of users will increase. To know the difference between impact and reach you can check our blog.

A look into #TheScriptFamily

Has we have said, and you may already know, the group of fans of this band is known as #TheScriptFamily and they are one of the more faithful group of fans that we have ever seen. Let’s see who has tweeted the most using the hashtag #FreedomChild:

Most active users

@haque_samina68 tweets
@chrisElkhoury2964 tweets
@julia_script160 tweets
@Sjames11James59 tweets
@ProudFangGirl56 tweets
@TS_Claudi49 tweets
@Lisa_script746 tweets
@Fra_Script43 tweets
@SikeyyOfficial41 tweets
@louvedemetria39 tweets

It is not easy getting a fan to tweet more than 30 tweets when you are not giving anything away. These fans are the real deal, they tweeted to express how much they loved the songs from the band’s new album.

Most popular users

@AppleMusic9,198,718 followers
@thescript2,217,615 followers
@anghami672,538 followers
@Shazam518,113 followers
@sonymusicmexico470,506 followers

It is also important to know which relevant users have tweeted with the hashtag. These are the users that help to increase the reach of the action.

To sum up, we can say that having this repercussion in such little amount of time is not easy and The Script has achieved great numbers. They have a faithful community that will follow them anywhere they go. We have already chosen our favorite song: “Wonders”. Which one is yours?

And, remember, if you want to analyze your own hashtags visit and start creating your own reports!