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Comedy Central: Custom projects as a way to empower your campaign

Tweet Binder’s custom projects

To create a custom project is a very exciting process. They is a very good opportunity to do something different and effective. In Tweet Binder we are experts in this kind of work, that is why lots of people have already trusted us for their campaigns talking about real time stats. In this post we are going to talk about how custom projects work and how to empower your campaigns thanks to them. Lets see what are their benefits and what Comedy Central has done.

Benefits of Tweet Binder’s custom projects

If you choose Tweet Binder to develop your project there are some important things that you are assuring. First of all, you are able to choose the format that better covers your needs. We are able to create many; such as mobile apps, websites, widgets… And all of them are 100% responsive and display real time stats. All the formats make sure that your campaign turns into an interactive tool. Anyone you choose will allow you to get the most out of the content published by your followers. How do custom projects do this? By enlarging the lifetime value of your campaign or event.

Our team works really hard in order to create the perfect custom project for each client. We quickly develop each tool and implement them very easy to show real time stats. We also give you the chance of deciding and choosing the content that appears on screen.

Lets see how Comedy Central used the real time stats

Lately we have been working on a custom project for Comedy Central. It was about Friends, the famous sitcom. The TV channel, Comedy Central, wanted to honour the series. They created a homepage. There they posted all the information about the activities, the experience and all the things they had organized. There is where Tweet Binder comes in. Comedy Central wanted to create a social widget. Its aim was to discover who is the people’s favorite character.

In order to develop this project we had to create an interactive ranking with real time stats. There we could see the photo of each character, their hashtag, a button to vote and the total number of votes they had. To us, it was a great idea! It was the perfect chance to engage the viewers and make them participate. After voting and knowing who the winner was, Comedy Central would schedule its best chapters.

Should I try a custom project?

Sure! You definitely should. If you are thinking about launching a campaign, tracking real time stats using a custom project will assure that you outstand. Your audience will have the chance to participate, share very valuable content and feel part of the campaign. Which is a very powerful tool for your brand.

After launching your project you have the chance to ask for the analytics. In the example of Comedy Central we can now see what has happened with the hashtag. Who has been the most active user, which content was the more valuable… And, with the new Tweet Binder, all this will be much easier.

Ask our team for more information if you need to. We are willing to work with you and to create the perfect custom project for you as we have done for Comedy Central and many others.