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#BIGGBOSS15 – Big Boss India Twitter Results

Twitter Results #BIGGBOSS15 – Indian TV Show

Hey guys, chillax, do not fight over the results. We are showing now the results of the tweet count of each of the official hashtags of Big Boss India 15, this important, we are just showing the final tweet count of each hashtag independently, we show the tweet count from our Twitter hashtag tracker tool (take it or leave it). These results include tweets from the last 30 days, take it just as a guide.

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Hashtag Tweets
#PratikIsTheBoss 7,779,239
#KaranIsTheBoss 7,779,061
#TejasswiIsTheBoss 7,778,813
#RashamiIsTheBoss 7,778,270
#UmarIsTheBoss 2,039,774

#PratikIsTheBoss is so far the most used hashtag in the last month.

Metodology of the Big Boss India Twitter counting

What we have done is to count all the tweets from the last 30 days, since the 8th of December 2021 until now (7th of January 2022) and it includes retweets and original tweets. We know that this is not what the contest is about, but we think the other tool that is tracking the show is doing a great job.

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Example of #KaranIsTheBoss (Big Boss India) Twitter count from the last 30 days.

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