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How to Run a Successful Twitter Contest: Tweet Binder Quiz!

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Twitter Contest with Tweet Binder

We usually say that we listen to our clients and that we cannot stop innovating. For sure, we do not lie! We always work on creating the best services. For that reason, we have started 2018 with a new and highly demanded product. From now on, in addition to social analytics and data visualization, Tweet Binder is the perfect tool to launch a Twitter Contest. Let us introduce you the Tweet Binder Quiz.

Access Tweet Binder to start your Hashtag Contest

Contests in real time, why not?

Throughout the last post, we have discovered different ways to involve the audience in our events. For example, we can create social walls or interactive panels. In this occasion, we will show you the best solution for events where vote is held to choose a winner. Thanks to this solution, the assistants can choose the winners through a voting system via Twitter. Creating a ranking according to the number of mentions will encourage the audience to keep tweeting during the event. What is more, the hashtag of the event will gain huge exposure by spreading the conversation.

From Tweet Binder, we encourage you to integrate a voting system into your event. As a conclusion, you will increase the participation. Moreover, the audience will feel as an important part of the decision. It is our mission to give exposure to their opinion and make them feel relevant. Sometimes, it may be the only criteria. In others, it may support the jury’s decision.

Voting system with Twitter

Creating a voting system for a Twitter contest is really easy with Tweet Binder. It is very simple thanks to the unique Tweet Binder technology. Remember that our solution for events allows you to create binders within a hashtag collection. It depends on whether the candidates are known in advance or the ranking is generated in a natural way. In any case, our team will take care of everything. First, we will create the collection (we can analyze any hashtag, term or account or combinations). Then, we will create the binders or display the user ranking depending on the criteria.

Voting system with binders

Tweet Binder can create one binder for each contestant. All the mentions will appear in real time. For that reason, everybody can see how it is going and redouble their efforts in case they want to change it. Last month we enjoyed the #ReciclandoVersosMadrid battle. In this event, 8 young rappers had to improvise with terms related to recycling. The idea was clear. Moving the battle to Twitter. The ranking showed the rappers based on the number of mentions. The attendees had to mention their favorite MC to be placed first in the ranking and win the battle. The first one won the battle.

Voting system with rankings

We can display the user ranking to encourage the vote. It is one of the most successful solution for events. It is possible to choose the criteria (most active users, most mentioned, most popular…). You choose the parameters and we create the ranking. For example, we created this social wall for the #ChivasVenture contest in Colombia. In that case, the result of the social wall was taken into account by the jury but it was not the only criteria.

Choose the best solution for events

As you can see there are no limits! By installing a voting system not only will you spread the conversation but also the attendees will feel part of the event in the most sociable way. Contact us and we will be more than happy to help you with your contests. It is easy, fast and fun! Moreover, our tool is more complete now. Discover

Tweet Binder Quiz module

This new service is divided into three parts. Moreover, we have taken care of the functional design. First of all, the user can see the details of the contest and the time remaining. We show it as a countdown to the deadline of the contest. In the middle part, it appears the profile pic, the user name and the log out option. There is also a large panel showing the prize and the exact date of the contest. Finally, the participant has to perform some tasks to get the credentials for the Twitter Contest. Here you can choose between the following options: Following an account (when the user clicks the button he directly follows the Twitter account), writing the text to share on Twitter, retweeting a default tweet, visiting a Web page… In addition, it is also possible to create a database of users asking them to register on the site by sharing their email. We know this is one of the most demanded features and it is covered this way.

How does the Tweet Binder Quiz work?

Tweet Binder Quiz! is easy to use and implement. We will create the Tweet Binder Quiz according to your needs once you contact us. The customer decides which of the options we offer wants to include in the contest and we configure it. In addition, you can customize the design. The customer will have access to the data and results of their contest immediately in an independent document.

What can I get from the Tweet Binder Quiz?

Thanks to Tweet Binder Quiz you will be able to go further than a simple contest on Twitter. This new tool allows you to connect with users dynamically. Even, and not least, it gives you the control over many details. As a client, you decide which steps must be completed in order to participate.

As a result, you will forget about complex processes for your Twitter contest. Tweet Binder Quiz is ready for you. As always, the Tweet Binder team will support this new service 24/7. If you want to include it in a proposal or launch a contest with us, we are ready to listen to you. Also, if you think we should add or change some options of our Tweet Binder Quiz, we will be delighted (as always) to receive suggestions and opinions. Do not ask for a RT in your next contest! You can be more authentic and select the winner through the Tweet Binder Quiz! We’re waiting for you.