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Twitter chats are a real deal

Some people like to say that Twitter is dead. That this Social Network is no longer the same. And this last part is true, Twitter is not the same as it was 4 years ago. It is better! It is the main source where people go to read hot news or learn about new topics. With an audience that can be counted by millions Twitter is the place where people express their opinions. One good example are the Twitter Chats. People gather at a fixed hour every day or every week to talk about an specific topic. Twitter chats have demonstrated to be very useful and very catchy for users. Everyday lots of clients contact us asking for analytics on their Twitter chats.

A Twitter Chat has a very simple process but it is important to have a good moderator to coordinate the conversation. This figure is usually the host of the chat and he is the one in charge of inviting a guest to every chat. The host has to send questions that the guest will have to answer. Typically these questions are about a field the guest is an expert in. The audience can choose between answering the questions as well or asking new questions to the guest. This is the most common structure, it can be different in some cases.

Yearly stats for every Twitter chat

Tweet Binder is a powerful engine to get Twitter stats. We have four types of Twitter reports:

  1. Snapshot reports: Up to 6,000 tweets from the last 7 days. In the free version they give up to 2,000 tweets.
  2. Live Twitter Campaigns: Track anything on Twitter in real time.
  3. 30-day historical reports: Look for data on Twitter between the last 30 days
  4. Special Historical reports: These reports allow the user to obtain data sent later that 30 days ago. For example, you can get a report from 2016 or even 2009.

Everyday we received different requests to analyze Twitter chats. This way, the client receives a report where he will find every stat regarding his chat. But, what about having a yearly report with all the stats? With Tweet Binder you can do that! You can have a report that gathers all your yearly analysis. If you created your Twitter Chat in 2010 you can get a report for each year and compare results.

A very interesting thing to compare between reports is the list of users that have contributed to the chat. You can find real ambassadors of your chats by doing so. You can also find those users that were very active one year but suddenly dropped out the conversation. It would be a good strategy to recontact them and ask them to come back.

Special historical reports

Until this week, reports that went back more than 30 days had a changeable price. It depended on the number of tweets or the time range it had. However, we have decided to make it easier for our clients. We have put a fixed price on these reports in order for you to know how much you would have to spend. At the moment, these special historical reports have a fixed price of 219,99€ and can be ready on the same day of payment. The time of execution depends on the number of tweets: the greater amount of tweets the more time it takes to be created. Our reports are more complete now. Check out the new Twitter metrics.

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