Tweet Walls for Events: How to create a Tweet Wall.

Live Tweet Walls displaying tweets at events are one of the best ways to generate engagement among your audience, that’s a fact, and it’s cool. If you organize events this post is for you; we will explain how to set up a live Tweet Wall using Tweet Binder. After reading this post you will be ready to show tweets in large screens and you will be a Tweet Binder PRO user.

These are the steps to create a Tweet Wall with Tweet Binder:

  • Choose a hashtag and activate the streaming of tweets.
  • Create and customize your tweet wall.
  • Activate the moderation of tweets.
  • Project the URL.

Choose a Hashtag and activate the streaming of Tweets

A Tweet Wall is nothing without “real time”. Your event will have for sure a hashtag and maybe a twitter handle, it is necessary that we monitor both to get the most tweets. After logging in Tweet Binder, we will go to “collections” and will choose “new collection”. Then we will set:

  • The name of the collection: this doesn’t have to be the term or terms you want to track, just a title to show on the wall.
  • The start of the tracking: choose “start tracker” to start collecting tweets from now.
  • The terms you want to track: choose the hashtag of the event and click “add term”. You can add as many terms as you want.
New Session Tweet Binder
Click on new session to start the magic.
Choosing a name for our collection
Choose a name for your collection and the terms you want to track.

Once this is done, we will start collecting tweets that mention either the hashtag of the event OR that mention the Twitter user of the event.

Create and customize your Tweet Wall.

Once the tweets are entering, we will start creating our tweet wall. For that, we will go to the section “Walls and Widgets” and will click on “New Wall”

Tweet Binder's Wall section
We will click on “New wall” to start creating our own one. It’s sooooo cool!

Once we are in, we will see many types of tweet walls, we can create one that contains tweets, pics, users rankings, etc. In this case, we will choose: “All in one plus” that combines everything. In this wall we will set:

  • Name of the wall: this will be the name of your wall, only you will see it.
  • Highlighted font color: this determines the color of the title.
  • Start text: a text that will show at the beginning of the wall to animate people to tweet.
  • Background image: choose some cool picture (not big) to show in the background of your tweet wall.

Activate the moderation of tweets.

We’re sure you’d like to have the ability of filtering the tweets to show only the content that you want. For that, we’ll go to the “moderation panel” at the left menu of the page. Once we are in the panel we will activate the moderation and you will see all the tweets sent in your event ordered by “time”, the oldest first (you can change this order). To approve or reject tweets you will only have to click on the green or red button.

Tweet Binder Moderation

By clicking the red or green button you will reject or approve tweets.

Also, we know that you will see certain twitter accounts at your event that are sending “good” tweets al the time, so you do not want to moderate all the time those tweets. You can click on the + button and activate the “approve all @TwitterHandle’s tweets” option so the tweets from that user will go directly to the wall.

Moderating Tweets with Tweet Binder
It is easy to approve all the tweets from your friends!

There are many other options you can use in moderation such us:

  • See only the pics.
  • Re-moderate tweets in case you made a mistake.
  • Filter tweets with “bad” words.
  • Etc: the best thing is that you try it now.

Projecting the wall in a large screen

Now you just need to go back to “walls and widgets” and check the public URL!

Tweet Binder’s walls are the most complete walls in the market. We have a huge range of templates and options, contact tweet binder today to get more info. You will love them and your events will not be the same again.