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How to create a Social Media wall for an event

Events are an essential part of any marketing campaign or social meet. The truth is that events do not only take place at the venue anymore; they extend they repercussion to Social Media. An event can be taking place at New York and someone can be speaking about it on Twitter from London. This makes it important to track that content on Twitter and Instagram and to display it in a Social Media Wall.

Twitter impact reports

We have talk several times about how important it is to measure what is being said about your event on Twitter and Instagram. It is the only place where people express their most honest opinions. If you want to generate an impact report about your event, you can either purchase it straight from our web or contact us.

However, what really makes your audience feel they are a direct part of the event is the installation of a Twitter wall. These walls encourage users to participate and even to interact with other assistants to the event and with those that are watching it from home.

Social Media Walls with Tweet Binder

With our event plan, you will be able to choose and create you own Social Media walls among a wide catalogue. It is a very simple process. First, you need to create a real time report (In our site we show you how). Second, you have to click on the left tab that says “Walls & Widgets” and then on “New Wall”. Third, a menu will appear with the Social Walls catalogue.

Once we have arrived to this screen, we just have to choose the template we want to use. Let’s see an example with the “All in One Mobile” wall (a pretty popular wall among our clients).

The steps to follow to create this wall are:

  • Name the Social Wall
  • Choose the background color (if we decide not to choose a background image)
  • Select the font color and the highlighted font color
  • Select the number of images to display
  • Decide the time rotation (in seconds) for the images and rankings
  • Upload the background image (if we decide not to choose a background color)
  • Click “Save wall”

Once we have created our Social Wall, we will have to click where it says “View” and, finally, we will be able to see how amazing our wall looks.

However, if you are not happy with the outcome, you can always click on “Edit” and change any parameter of the wall. Nothing is definitive; you can change it as much as you want until it looks perfect.

As you can see, creating a Social Wall is very simple. With our event plan you will be able to create as many walls as you need to. This way, you will amaze your audience at every meet you organize.

Custom Social Walls

Nonetheless, if you want to develop a much more complex wall, contact us. If you need higher levels of customization, our team will be more than happy to speak with you and create it. We have developed “under the sea” Social Walls and even a “kiss cam”.

Tweet Binder has no limits, come and chat with us and let’s see how we can create an amazing Social Media Wall.