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Interaction between TV shows and their audience

Are you managing/hosting a TV show? Do you want to get to know you audience? Furthermore, do you want to make them a direct part of it even if they are comfortably sitting on their sofas at home? Tweet Binder has the solution to this. With our feature of display for Twitter stats you can show all your Twitter stats, make ranking of users and even geolocalize them!

#LaNoche24h – Spanish TV show pioneer on displaying its Twitter stats

Each week, we work with a TV show called La Noche en 24h  aired on national television at Spain. It is a talk show about politics. As they have a really big audience, they wanted to “hear their voices” on social networks and see what they were talking about.

So, this is the idea the team came up with for ISDI, the client. Every Friday, we design 7 slides that give a really complete overview of the audience’s opinion on Twitter about #LaNoche24h. The one slide that has success the most is one showing which user is the most active. Week by week we see how the audience tries to put themselves in the top positions of this ranking.

But that is not it. This week a new slide was introduced. The tv hosts wanted to see from where were their viewers. For this, they launched a hashtag encouraging the audience to tell them where they were. The outcome of this was amazing because they realized that only the 54% of them were watching the program from Spain. This means that they almost have as many viewers from Spain as from foreign countries.

We also design slides with more stats for the program, which are great to have a general overview of its repercussion on Twitter.


What do you think? Do you want to be able to listen to your audience? Or, do you want to make them feel they are an essential part of your show? Then do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help you including this in your shows!