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Super Bowl Ads: Ranking according to its Twitter impressions

Advertisers love the Super Bowl. Twitter knows it.

The Super Bowl is one of the majors sportive events in the world. Back in 2015 we analyzed the impact of the that year’s edition but from a different perspective: how advertisers used it to gain exposure on Twitter. The Super Bowl final is a global event and a huge chance to create a notable Twitter campaign that can live in the memories of users for ever (or at least until they buy/consume the product). We analyzed the commercials that took part, with a hashtag or not, on the #SB50 final.

We compared the Twitter impressions (impacts) of each commercial. It is important to know that the exposure here is the key because the advertisers have only a few seconds to captivate their audience and the more impacts the better. Impacts or impressions are calculated by multiplying the number of tweets sent by each users per the number of followers he has, that way we calculate the number of impacts by each user; then we add the impacts of each user and get the final impressions (impacts) number. It seems like a very complicated thing, but Tweet Binder does it in mili-seconds.

By the way, Denver Broncos won.

First Date – Hyundai Super Bowl Commercial

  • Hashtag: #HyundaiSuperBowl
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 168,123,089


Coca-Cola: Coke Mini (Hulk vs. Ant-Man)

  • Hashtag: #CokeMini
  • Nº of impressions: 131,649,324

The All-New 2016 Toyota Prius

  • Hashtag: #GoPriusGo
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 112,309,020

2016 Kia Optima | Walken Closet “Big Game” Ad

  • Hashtag: #AddPizzazz
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 108,716,467

Amazon Echo: #BaldwinBowl

  • Hashtag: #BaldwinBowl
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 87,645,024

Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Finalist – Ultrasound

  • Keywords analyzed: Doritos Ultrasound
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 41,709,922


Avocados From Mexico 2016 Big Game Commercial

  • Keywords analyzed: #AvosInSpace
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 39,461,118

SNICKERS – “Marilyn”

  • Hashtag: #EatASnickers
  • Nº of impressions: 25,415,356

Pokémon Super Bowl Commercial

  • Hashtag: #Pokemon20
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 20,531,160

T-Mobile | “Restricted Bling” Super Bowl Ad

  • Hashtag: #YouGotCarriered
  • Nº of Twitter impressions: 16,921,850 impressions

Aggregated data

So, besides Denver Broncos, who’s the winner? Well Hyundai was the brand with the highest exposure, that’s for sure: 168 millions of impacts.

Tweets Impacts
Hyundai 7,266 168,123,089
Coca-Cola 7,862 131,649,324
Toyota 5,040 112,309,020
Kia 7,924 108,716,467
Amazon 7,181 87,645,024
Doritos 8,523 41,709,922
Avocados 11,922 39,461,118
Snickers 4,418 25,415,356
Pokemon 11,932 20,531,160
T-Mobile 5,969 16,921,850

T-Mobile was the one who got less impacts although more tweets than Snickers. However, it is interesting to see that being a great brand on Twitter and getting more tweets does not get you the highest impact. Let’s see Coca-Cola VS Hyundai for instance:

Followers Impacts
Hyundai 300,000 168,123,089
Coca-Cola 3,200,000 131,649,324

Coca-Cola has 10 times more followers and did actively tweeted during the game: 8 tweets. Hyundai only once:

Hyundai didn’t have it easy to win, but they did. They did an ad that made people share it gaining more impacts than other brands and becoming the real winner of the 50th Super Bowl! Also, and very important, although commercials and stats are unpredictable, using a hashtag to unify the conversation is essential. Impressions here are potential but they help to find out who did it best last night. For more hashtag tracking case studies or complete Twitter reports: or email us.