Event wall on street for Twitter and Instagram – #Pilar16

Live Social Media wall for Twitter and Instagram

It has been a great week here at Tweet Binder. We went to spend some time to Zaragoza and to celebrate the festivity of Our Lady of the Pilar. This is always a big deal not only in Zaragoza but all around Spain. With the help of the town hall (@FiestasPilarOfi) we installed a huge event wall in the main square of the city. It displayed content from Twitter and Instagram. The result of this was that not only everyone could see the Wall but also it encouraged them to participate and post their pictures and tweets using the hashtag #Pilar16.


This was the third year they decided to install our Social Wall. In words of Diego Guillén, Social Media Manager at the town hall: “The Social Wall gives great exposure to the actions we start from the social department of the city hall”. Furthermore, Diego points out that having the wall installed on the main square of Zaragoza was a good move “everything and everyone goes through that square. With the Social Wall we put ourselves out there and people know where they can get more info about the festival and the city”.

They decided the times when they wanted the Wall to be displayed and “as it coincided with the previous hours of the big concerts and performances, people were able to see their pictures posted on real time on the bid screen. It was our decision not to moderate the Wall and we opened the wall to every kind of content”.



Customized event wall with accurate content

We never get tired of telling you how our Walls and Widgets can be fully customized with the image you want it to have. We worked side by side with Diego to give to the wall the same look as the poster of the festivity. In his opinion “The design was sensational and it looked great when being displayed”

 When asking Diego about the reactions they heard on the street about the social wall, he told us that they have not received any direct comment yet “but the simple fact of seeing how people took pictures and posted them with the hashtag just to see them on the big screen proves that it has worked perfectly”.

At first, the slides’ show time was fast so Diego contacted with the team in charged of this project and they could easily solve this mishap.

Diego sums up his experience with Tweet Binder as follows: “Very positive: quick answer, problem solving and optimal visibility on the streets of the actions we launch on social networks”

Our next Social Wall on street could be yours! Do not hesitate and contact us so that we can talk about this amazing feature!