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Tweet Binder’s Social Walls: The perfect display solution to engage your audience

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Do you know what a social wall is?

While organizing an event is important to consider adding a display solution. In this case we just need a screen. Once we have the screen, we need to know its dimensions. What for?It’s important to know them in order to create the background. It has to perfectly fit you screen’s size. This is where the story begins. Your screen is where Tweet Binder will locate its social wall. And now… Do you know what a social wall is? It is the perfect occasion to engage your attendees. A social wall shows real time content. All the posts (including Twitter and Instagram) will appear at the same time that they are being posted. Our team is very experienced on installing this type of display solution. So we can assure that it will perfectly work. 

Do we recommend to this type of display solution?

Not every event requires a social wall, obviously. But, from Tweet Binder we highly recommend them. You have to see them as an opportunity. Your audience will feel involved. They will have the chance to see their posts appearing on screen. And appearing in real time!

Let’s imagine a possible situation. Your boss asked you to accompany her to a speech about online marketing. You are not very happy about the idea of going but, once you’re both there you see a huge screen. There’s a #hashtag and a message that encourages you to post. That social wall has nothing to do with posting a photo on Instagram and tagging a company. It has nothing to do with participating in a contest. It has to do with posting something related to the event and watching it appear on screen.

How does a Tweet Binder social wall work?

As we have mentioned before, the first thing we do has to do with the design. A speech talking about the launching of a new car won’t have the same design as another talking about toys. Our team will ensure that our design fits your event. Then we process is simple. One of our colleagues will be the one to assure that everything works correctly.

Then you will be given the option of moderating yourself. If you don’t know what to moderate is we explain it quickly. This means tat you will be able to control what tweets and pictures appear on screen. You can manage the posts that you want either to highlight or to avoid. You can also approve friendly users or, in contrast, you can mute offensive contributors.

The best thing comes at the end. After your event you can generate one of our reports. This will give you all the information about your event’s success.

If you have never heard about social walls we’re sure that you are now curious. If you are planning an event feel free to contact us and ask for information. We will be happy to help you in everything you need.