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Include Social Media as part of your event with Tweet Binder

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Why adding social media to your event is easy with Tweet Binder

Thousand of events take place everyday and we have to work to highlight ours. That’s why Tweet Binder Events offers the perfect combination to get the most out of any summit or event. Thanks to our Twitter Wall you will show all the stats in real time. You can also include a Live social media feed into your website and create the final branded report once the event is over. By following this 3 simple steps, your event will became unforgettable for your audience and clients.

Twitter Wall and Instagram Wall

We all know the power of real time and big screens. Tweet Binder can create the perfect Twitter Wall for your event. It will help you to gain exposure at the venue and Social Networks. You can choose between the Twitter Wall or Instagram Wall according to the kind of event or combine both content. These Social Walls can be fully moderated and customized.

Live social media feed

Our display solutions combine Twitter and Instagram content shared under the hashtag of your event in one place. This content will perfectly fit in any kind of web because any Live social media feed is developed to fit any type of website.

You will be able to interact with the audience and as a result, empower your engagement. You can also spread the conversation by installing social buttons or a voting system. The live social media feed will only show the content that you have approved. Our moderation panel is really intuitive and will help you to keep track of every tweet or Instagram post shared or avoid spammers. You can always re-moderate the content.

Show your stats with the branded report

You can close your event the best way possible thanks with a branded report. You will get your branded report and show all your event’s information with the best design. We will create the perfect look and feel to impress your clients and partners. Our design team works on each project to provide it with its own identity and personality.

Moreover, with the Branded report you will be able to decide what stats and information do you want to show and highlight. According to the insights we can include the general stats, rankings of users or the most important tweets and pics. Tweet Binder allows you to compare stats and create timeline graphics and choose the language. You will received the online report and the printable format. It will be the best option to share your campaign results with your partners and clients via email or hand the document out during your meetings and presentations. It will be available for mobile too.

Now it is your time to highlight your event with our display solutions. We will be more than happy to hear your ideas so feel free to contact us. We will get back to you within the next 24 hours, promise!