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Reasons to include Social Walls at your events

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Thousands of events are held every day around the world. From large companies that celebrate conventions to small associations that meet in a small space, there are always events. One of the keys that differentiates a good event from a regular one is the organization. A team or person that comes before all the needs months and weeks before the assistants occupy their seats. Within the issues to consider when preparing an event would be the inclusion or not of a Social Wall. And some will say, for what? Here we will see some reasons to include Social Walls in an event.

Showcase an innovative image

When the proliferation of events is a fact, we have to find a way to differentiate ourselves. Beyond giving attendees products or making raffles, a social wall can be the way to make a difference. You no longer only reward or take into account the attendees. If you do not like it, also click on the event hashtag and share tweets. For this, it is essential to have a solid communication strategy that spreads the hashtag and interacts with the twitterers. In addition to not forgetting the room or the venue where the event is held: it should have good wifi connection.

Proximity as a rule

An event in which only the speakers participate and have the leading role is something that is already outdated. Nowadays, when everyone has channels to express themselves and we feel the need to share our ideas, giving voice to those attending events is key. In fact, this is where communication strategy is particularly important. The task of interacting both with the attendees and with those who publish content from social networks is essential. In facto, someone not being able to attend the event does not mean that they can not be part of it. No longer thanks to the Social Walls. In addition, giving visibility to all allows to generate interesting conversations and content.

Social Walls help increase the impact of events

The fact that both, those who are live enjoying the event and those who can not participate, makes the events more notorious. No matter the size of the event or the amount of attendees, if we have users and followers actively involved. Many times small events become a trend thanks to the impact generated by accounts that, without being present at the event, share publications on Twitter and Instagram.

Social Walls allow to measure and compare the registered data

In addition, events usually (or should) have an official hashtag where the activity is gathered. From conversations, to tweets mentioning phrases from speakers or Instagram photos: everything can be analyzed. Having a social wall and a moderation system are almost guarantee of success. But undoubtedly measuring the data generated by the hashtag and putting value on each data is essential. The event gives an innovative image by including a Social Wall, you can also make decisions and assessments according to hashtag reports.

After seeing these points, we hope you are certain that a Social Wall should be part of the organization of your event. In addition to the reasons given there are many more. We have raised those who live day to day with our customers and, thanks to them, we cover with our events’ services. If you want more information or to try a Tweet Binder Social Wall, do not hesitate to contact us.