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New metrics: a necessity for every measuring tool

It is true that most of the analytical tools are very similar to each other. Each one of them has its features and outstanding aspects. In this case, Tweet Binder is in constant change. We want to cover all your needs. We have to reinvent the platform everyday to offer the best analysis for you! Tweet Binder offers all the main stats, user rankings, device information, timeline activity. However, since this summer, Tweet Binder includes completely new data which can not be found on any other platform. The economic market value of the hashtag has come to revolutionize the world of measuring tools.

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Economic value of tweets

What is the economic value of a hashtag?

This economic market value comes from many debates and conversations. We knew we wanted to get it so we spent a lot of time discussing how to get it. The result of all the meetings and talks has been a very valuable fact. As a result, we could draw many conclusions. The economic value of a hashtag can help us to focus much better on our marketing decisions.

Let’s explain it carefully. We have dedicated several posts to explain this topic in depth. The economic value is created by taking into account several criteria. It consists of two values: the value of the user and the value of their tweets. With our own algorithm we can determine the economic (market) value of any hashtag. This is achieved by calculating the value of each user who has participated and the value of the tweets each of those users have sent. The result is obtained thanks to these two variables.

Data considered to calculate the economic value

Calculating this economic value of the hashtag seemed straightforward. However, we had to take into account data extracted from many sources. We dedicated time to find the value that is given in the market to the tweets of each user. We decoded the valuation that was given to each type of tweet. Moreover, how this relates to the properties of each account. As a result, we saw that it was not the same a person with 100 followers than one who had 1.000 followers. We also counted Twitter Ads and how much they charge for advertising on their platform.

economic value
Economic value of the event according to Tweet Binder

Through these sources we were able to invent our own formula to calculate the economic value of the hashtag, an account and a tweet. We include all this stats in our reports and they can provide us with more information than we can think of.

A revolution in the world of analytical tools

Choosing a measuring tools is not an easy task. The offer is so broad that it is difficult to choose between all the analytical tools. Now the process is simplified. None of the measuring tools on the market has as many metrics as Tweet Binder. None has the economic value. That’s why Tweet Binder is here to revolutionize its competitors. If you want to know more about the market economic value of a hashtag do not miss our posts. We explain in detail what it is and how we have calculated it.

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