Instagram reports for hashtags with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder is know an Instagram tracking tool! From now on, we are offering Instagram reports with amazing stats and rankings. Instagram is getting more and more important for users, brands and companies. They demand analytics on their campaigns and that’s the reason why Tweet Binder incorporates that huge new feature for its users on demand. Our Instagram analytics reports you will have a very good overview of what users are sharing with your hashtag on that Social Network.

The new Instagram Reports are divided in three different modules with an amazing design. All the stats included in the report can be exported to an excel document so that you can work more easily with the data.

General stats: The first part of the report shows general stats of the hashtag. It includes all the information in just one look: Total number of post, contributors, likes, comments, impacts… The info needed to know if the campaign has succeed or not.

Tweet Binder
Tweet Binder

Users rankings: Instagram is the most engaging social network. Everybody loves to share pics, comments and likes. For that reason, users information is one of the most useful stats about a campaign. The Instagram’s reports include up to ten rankings about the users who shared content and those who interacted with it.

Media rankings: Instagram is the visual network par excellence because the users share pictures and videos. Tweet Binder shows all that content divided by those that received the most likes and the ones that received more comments.


These are some of the Instagram’s features offered by Tweet Binder (and more that will come). Tweet Binder increases its offer and the users will be able to analyze and display content from Twitter and Instagram. To know more about Tweet Binder or ask for an Instagram report, feel free to contact us at