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Get ready for music festivals with Instagram wall

Summer calendar is full of music festivals. The finest and biggest events give also the opportunity to create a huge community of followers and supporters. That is why Social Media is a powerful marketing tool for any music event. Specially music festivals. Tweet Binder wants to help you with this task. You can get all the Instagram statistics with the greatest Instagram wall and a Instagram report.

An Instagram wall is a must

We have to create a unique experience with the attendees and the community. Everybody shares content while having fun and we have to get the most out of that published content. An Instagram wall is the perfect solution to cover your needs. You will obtain more participation, improve your image and increase the engagement.

Instagram custom site
Tweet Binder Instagram and Twitter custom site

Music festivals can generate profits with the Instagram Wall by getting sponsors and giving them visibility onscreen. We can choose what to show and when to do it so it is really easy to display promotional messages.

Instagram statistics

It is very important to know which metrics have to be considered for the analysis. Tweet Binder reports offers a general picture of the main stats and supporters. Once you get the report you will be able to analyze the following Instagram statistics and rankings.

  • Number of posts: Total number of photos and videos shared under the hashtag
  • Total amount of participants: Number of users that have shared content
  • Number of likes: Total number of likes achieved. We can detect what type of publication has more engagement
  • Impacts: Potential times people could have seen the hashtag
  • Reach: Meaning the number of unique users that could have seen the hashtag
  • Level of influence: Average number of followers by contributor
  • Penetration level: Average number of publications sent by contributor

Tweet Binder reports also provide a wide range of rankings to detect event prescribers and users that loved the music festival. It is really interesting to give a look to the most popular ranking and the highest impact. With the Instagram report you will learn from where users are participating. This may seem like an irrelevant data but it can actually be pretty useful. By using the geolocation map, you will check the exact location too.

How to get your Instagram report with Tweet Binder

Obtaining your Instagram report is really simple. If you have an event plan with us, the report is already included in the final quote. If you want to analyze your music event independently, you can purchase it directly from the Instagram report page. Your Instagram report will be ready in few minutes.

With our Instagram reports you will analyze all the stats and rankings organized in an attractive way. You can find out more detailed info with the Excel file. Feel free to contact us if you need more info. We will be more than happy to show you how Tweet Binder can help you to gain exposure and engagement.