Instagram analytics with geolocation information

Know where your audience is

We recently announced that we now offer Instagram analytics reports for hashtags. At Tweet Binder we work really hard to make our clients experience as good as possible. You told us that you wanted to know from where people are posting their pictures and videos and we have developed it. From now on, our Instagram reports include a map that shows you the exact position from where the post was sent.

Our reports include stats and information without date limitation and, what’s new: we now include the geolocation of the Instagram publications. We can check from where the content has been shared and even see the publication itself.

Tweet Binder geolocates Instagram's posts
Tweet Binder Instagram geolocation of posts

You can zoom in and out the map to get to the exact street and place from where the post was sent. Now you can know where your most faithful clients are located. For example, if you have several stores in a city you can know which one is your clients’ favorite by checking where pics and videos were shared.

This new feature has been added to the the complete and valuable information that the report already provides. Such as:

  • General Stats

  • Contributors Rankings: up to ten rankings.

  • Media Rankings: access to the most liked and most commented publications.

  • Hashtags & Filters: the most used by the contributors.

These are the Instagram’s features offered by Tweet Binder right now. With the update, Tweet Binder increases its offer and the users will be able to analyze and display content from Twitter and Instagram. To know more about Tweet Binder or ask for an Instagram report, feel free to contact us at: