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Tweet Binder analyzes #IMEX16

Every event should be measuring its activity on Social Networks. It is really important to know what attendants think about it. To know what they are telling the world about your event. The IMEX team was aware of this importance and they decided to measure everything that was being said on Twitter about the #IMEX16 conference held in Frankfurt.

IMEX 2016 Twitter data

Going through the general stats of the event, we see that #IMEX16 received 17,358 tweets including retweets, links, images, text tweets and conversations between the 3,852 users who shared content with the hashtag.

We know that we have already explained you what the terms impact and reach refer to, but it is always good to keep this in mind. The impact is the potential number of times someone could have seen the hashtag. It is calculated by multiplying the number of followers each user has by the number of tweets. The reach your event had refers to how many people could have seen the hashtag. It is calculated by adding all the followers each user has. The #IMEX16 had 78,091,951 potential impacts and potentially reached 9,821,120 users. It is important to notice that these two stats, impact and reach, are always potential. This is because not everyone is on Twitter at the same time and some users can have followers in common.

Let’s have now a look to the people who were tweeting to #IMEX16. We provide a wide range of rankings that allow you to identify all kind of users; you can know who is being more active or who is taking more pictures, if the tweets they are sending are relevant or if those users are popular or not. This can be interesting in order to contact them after the event. If an attendant to an event sees that the organizer is thanking him/her on Twitter for being such an active promoter of it. In fact, it is safe to say that this user will return to other events promoted by this organizer.

Furthermore, it is as important to analyze your board of speakers. Every event has one. It is very interesting to know how many tweets has each of them received in order to know which conference has generated more movement on Twitter during the event. You can do this by creating binders in your report. This feature will allow you to classify by speaker all the tweets sent under the hashtag of the event. It can be very useful in order to know exactly what is being said about each speaker. In addition, to know who is the one that generated more traffic on Twitter.

You can even go further, you can also analyze what is being posted on Instagram about your event. These stats give you a visual overview of what the attendants found more attractive about your event. You can also put a face to the voices as most of the users like to post pictures of them selves at the venue.

Analyze Twitter: #IMEX16 success case

Having said all this, with #IMEX16 as an example, we see how important it is to analyze the repercussion of your event on Social Networks. You can throw an amazing event. But if you don’t keep track of what the attendants said before, during and after the event, you won’t have a complete vision about it.

So, do not get left behind! If you have any event or conference, start tracking it and have a complete picture. Social networks are what move the world nowadays. You can not start losing positions on this race, you have to keep up with the technologies and adapt our path to this. Otherwise you will be missing a lot of information during our way. Contact us now at Tweet Binder where our great team will be happy to assist you!