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Hashtag Battle: Skechers Spain

Skechers custom social media project

It is a big challenge trying to turn an offline event into something online. This happened to one of our clients when designing the campaign for the Skechers Performance race, an event where two teams are faced to make the North or the South win. Shackleton found a solution to this in a hashtag battle.

They chose the perfect perfect way to, on one hand, give visibility to the race on Twitter and Instagram in real time and, on the other hand, to engage with runners and make them part of the event way before the race starts. It is also a good way to motivate them days before they have to run.

How to settle a hashtag battle

To accomplish the implementation of the hashtag battle in the site of the race, it was necessary to have a clear image of the campaign. Once the date for the race was settled, both teams (North and South) needed to have captains. The hashtag #GoRunNorte was leaded by Martín Fiz and the southern team with the hashtag #GoRunSur was captained by Raquel Gómez. After deciding who was going to be the captain of each team, the website was prepared. It was the perfect claim to encourage runners to take part in the hashtag battle and make their team win.

Hashtag battle Twitter - Skechers
Tweet Binder custom website for Skechers

In order to make the action visible, it was announced on mainstream media. Also, Skechers Spain as well as the captains of each team echoed the action on Twitter. The dynamic was simple: each tweet or Instagram post shared under any of the hashtags will count as a vote for the North or the South. The counter was updated in real time so anyone could see at any moment how the battle was going. Displaying rankings with the most active users increased that rivalry between the North and the South. This way, runners wanted to make it to the top positions before the race had started.

How do I include a hashtag battle in my campaign?

Each battle is unique. Even though the hashtag battle is just for Twitter or for Instagram or for both, we can include a counter for each hashtag or Social Network. At Tweet Binder we are very careful with the design and development so that it fits perfectly with the clients needs. For this Skechers Spain North and South battle the requirements were:

  • A design aligned with the site of the race
  • Real time hashtag tracking on Twitter and Instagram
  • Development of a gallery with the posts and tweets
  • Rankings with the most popular and active users

This battle ended with the victory of the North. Now its your turn to create your own hashtag battle and see who wins!


Hashtags can draw a route, the battle can fill up a recipient or the whole site can be painted with a color assigned to the winner team. Options are endless as well as our availability to make it happen. Clients often repeat this kind of actions because, as in the Skechers Performance, it has proven to be a good way to connect with our community and followers and because it enlarges its visibility. You just have to contact us and the rest will be easy to make and implement.