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Tweet Binder

Fashion customization is also possible with social media data

Fashion & Social Media: The perfect Match

Hundreds of thousands of pictures and tweets are shared everyday on Social Networks. There are many industries that attract the attention of the users. They share messages about their favorite TV shows, the latests movies or sportive issues. We have already created many sites for the music industry or sports industry; however, we are still missing something. You don’t have to be a brainiac to know that fashion is the top category in Social Media. Top models or designers share tons of pictures every day. This attracts the attention of massive media channels that publish many articles about the latest trends. With the new year, Fashion Weeks are starting all over the globe. Paris marks the beginning of the season on the 8th of February and Tweet Binder does not want to miss it.

Fashion Weeks Social Hub

Can you imagine the amount of social data a Fashion Week generates? Now, can you imagine a place that gathers all the info shared about a fashion week? Tweet Binder has the solution! With our unique technology and our great development team we have generated the place to display all that data. Having as a starting point a site with a map, we are going to place each fashion week in the city it is taking place. We will also display the social content shared about each one of them. It is important to notice that Tweet Binder allows you to moderate the content displayed in the web. This way, we will be able to avoid every inappropriate message or picture shared.

The structure will be as follows:

  • Social stats: Number of tweets, users and impacts
  • Map with all the Fashion Weeks placed. Each Fashion week will have its own card with its stats.
  • Pictures timeline
  • Tweets timelines
Fashion custom site
Tweet Binder tailored web for fashion content

Social Media Insights

Having a site that displays everything mentioned earlier is great. But, what about the numbers? How do I do a deeper analysis of each Fashion Week? Do not worry as this is the main strength of Tweet Binder. Apart from having a cool site you will have access to a complete report about each Fashion Week. As you may already know, Tweet Binder provides impact reports on anything on Twitter and every hashtag on Instagram. We have no date limitation when analyzing Twitter so, if you want to compare this years Paris Fashion Week with last years or 2015, you can!

The Victoria Secret Fashion Show is an event that we also did not want to miss and that’s why we tracked it. The impact of this show is huge and it is only during one day. Imagine how many tweets a Fashion Week can generate! The numbers can be completely astonishing. Tickets for Fashion weeks are expensive, but you can feel that you are in the front row by creating these kind of reports!

Sit in the front row with Tweet Binder!

Tweet Binder can take you to the Social front row of every Fashion Week in the world! Just contact us and we will help you to have the greatest site to amaze your readers and increase your brand’s exposure.