I want a Social Wall for my event. Now… What?

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Including a Social Wall is a must

Social walls have increased in popularity at events over the last years. On the one hand, it is more common to see this kind of solution. On the other hand, social walls are now included in any kind of event. For example, private parties, conferences, trade shows, meetings… This technology collects the event’s social media content in real time. It includes text tweets, images from Twitter and Instagram or user rankings in one customizable screen. By capturing new content every minute, the social wall offers the opportunity of spreading the conversation beyond the venue. Moreover, they make the audience feel that they are part of the event. If you are planning an event, you have arrived to the right place. Tweet Binder is focused on custom social walls. We will be happy to explain the steps you should take to produce an astounding event and display social content.

Custom social walls
Creating the perfect Social Wall is easy with Tweet Binder

Display social content with Tweet Binder

First of all, it is important to determinate the kind of event we want to promote. According to its nature, we will create the most appropriate wall for that event. Moreover, it is important to select the information that we want to display. For example, if we are organizing a conference, we should keep the text tweets and speakers in mind. Furthermore, we should select only pics if we are promoting a Music Festival or Sport Event. Fortunately, this issue is vital for Tweet binder. We will help you to delimit the type of content that best fits your event. In addition, as we offer custom social walls, it is possible to include rankings, participation messages, static content, voting system… The idea is to perfectly integrate the Social Wall into the event. This way, it will become a part of their development.

Set up the specifications and design

After discussing how we want to display social content, it is time for the specifications. Firstly, we need to know the exact screen resolution. Tweet Binder can create vertical or horizontal custom social walls depending on the screens. On the other hand, the Social Wall can fill all the screen or just a concrete place. Moreover, we have to establish the exact period of time (if the event will last a few hours, days or weeks) and the terms or hashtag to analyze. Remember that we offer social listening and social streaming. Thanks to that, you will be able to get a quick visual on the live stats and posts. Tweet Binder can analyze any hashtag, term or account on Twitter (or combination) and any hashtag on Instagram. You have to decide the rule you want to display.

Tweet Binder for events
Our walls inspire attendees to see the possibilities

On the other hand, we can customize the Social Wall to fit the event’s image. We have no limits regarding design. Sometimes we elaborate the Social Wall from scratch following the client’s guidelines. Other times, the customer sends us the concrete design. It is up to you and your team.

Tweet Binder starts to work

Now, it is our turn. We have to implement our technology in order to display social content in real time. All the tweets and pics will appear in real time into the collection (we always take the metrics as the starting point) and into the moderation panel. Our development team is specialized in creating this type of display solutions for events. For this reason, we work with reduced timelines. Of course, are always looking for the best result for our clients. If there is little time left for your event, do not hesitate to contact us. We are probably in time to create the best social wall for the occasion.

Enjoy the event and… moderate!

Once the Social wall is ready, Our team will send you the final url to display the social wall. Remember that you only need Internet connection and a computer. During the event, you will be able to moderate all the content in order to avoid wrong pics or tweets. Moderation is not active by default, we have to switch it on in order to start sorting the content. After that, it is super easy. You will only have to click on the green button (to approve) or red button (to reject). By doing this you will avoid every kind of bad content on your Social Wall. If you need more information, you can read this post about the importance of moderation.

Tweet Binder Moderation
Tweet Binder allows you to moderate all the content

Good job!

Once the event is over, we can say that our work is over but… You still have something else! Our impact reports will always be available so you can check the statistics of the event and analyze the scope of your hashtag. We have three versions so that you can work the data in the best way. Do you still have questions?

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