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Twitter impact of #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings

We tweet a lot about many topics and opinions daily. Constantly. Millions of tweets that sometimes get lost on timelines generating no impact nor answers. That’s why we want to focus this post on the importance of finding the right hashtag to put information together. Or, what’s better, a story. In fact, the recent tweets sent by Rosey Blair about what seemed a random situation is a perfect example. And one of its “main characters” has come up with the perfect hashtag for the occasion: #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings. Not only the hashtag is important but also the ability to measure its Twitter impact.

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How does a tweet become a trend?

There is no magic way to miraculously engage on Twitter. There are hashtags, pictures or even gifs that can help us to create nice content. But nothing assures us that our tweets are going to become a tendency. That must have been on Rosey Blair’s mind before the moment she decided to tweet this that went viral:

The tweet had a nice introduction to something that more than one would like to get involved. The curiosity and her talent to explain how the situation evolved were key to keep the attention. The tweets were perfectly documented. The story was interesting. We all wanted to know more. But, above all, one of the story’s protagonist decided to take part in the story. That’s when all took a new level. Because he knew how to do it and Euan Holden presented himself with a short tweet and a remarkable hashtag.

Now that we have the “story teller” and one of the “main characters” of the story, the hashtag was the place to go to follow up the situation. Both talented and supporting each other, it’s amazing how Twitter brought the best of them. It is hard to find someone today that hasn’t heard or read about this. The story, them. It is being a huge demonstration of the power of Twitter and social media for good.

How can we determine the success of #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings?

The first option is clear, they have been contacted by the media for several interviews. They are now “famous”. Another success indicator might be the increase in their Twitter and Instagram followers. But in terms of Twitter data, we can analyze both hashtags. And Tweet Binder is the perfect analytics tool to do it. With the capacity to monitor tweets with no limit, these are the Twitter data that show the success of the hashtag beyond the story.

#catchingflightsandfeelings Twitter report by Tweet Binder

The report was pretty compelling. Almost 4,000 Twitter users sending over 4,000 tweets in one day is huge.

It is true that we could have analyzed separate words in order to get an idea about the Twitter impact of the story. However, we could have not been sure that every tweet about the topic had been tracked. Thus the importance of using hashtags. Every tweet gets analyzed and the data are totally accurate and relevant.

Data don’t lie. Nor how Rosey and Eaun are handling the situation perfectly. Although we don’t know how the story is going to evolve in real life. We trust that the numbers prove that anything can happen. #Whynot?

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