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Borussia Dortmund Twitter league

Twitter is helping Borussia Dortmund to grow the engagement with its fans

Twitter is present in every sports, all the teams have their own hashtags and the supporters actively participate in the conversation. Borussia Dortmund is doing something amazing, we cannot find another word to describe it. They created the first Twitter competition involving the players and fans. In Tweet Binder we are so happy for having created something that we consider disruptive and innovative: BVB Twitter League.

Web competition between teams on Social Media

Every game day, the BVB League start tracking the mentions to both teams handles and the tweets to the official hashtags. Each team in the German Bundesliga has its own hashtag, pretty cool huh? All is built for Borussia Dortmund, the page is branded after them and so the titles and names. It gets updated in real time with every new tweet.

It also shows the rankings of players based on mentions. Supporters ranking shows who’s the most active one. Also listed the most popular users based on the number of followers

Ideal Borussia Dortmund mentions team

One of the most innovative aspects is the “ideal roster”. All the BVB players are classified according to their position on the field: goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. Based on the number of tweets received, the roster changes

Pictures gallery and tweets timeline

Last but not least, the BVB league offers a complete gallery with the pictures from fans and the most important tweets of the game. These pictures are selected among the thousands of pictures sent in every game.