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Looking for the best #Atletikids

Bringing football fans closer to their heroes

At Tweet Binder, we are always trying to make our clients’ experience as good as possible. If a client asks for something we have never developed, we work really hard to create it. This past week, we have been working really hard and now we are happy to announce our last project in collaboration with the amazing teams of Cool Tabs and Fugu. Sports’ analytics have no limit, almost anything can be created from scratch. Atlético de Madrid, one of the most important football teams of La Liga, has launched a contest powered by Solán de Cabras to find the best #AtletiKids. Everything surrounding this action has been just great!

Microsite with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content

We have created a custom microsite that shows all the pics and videos uploaded through Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where the youngest supporters of the team show their passion and love for their Club. You could take part in three different ways.

1. Sharing a photo or video proving your child is an Atlético from the cradle

It was amazing to see own very young children know the names of the whole team and how they like to brag about being a true fan to this football team.

Atlético de Madrid – Atetikids

2. Sharing a photo or video supporting Atlético de Madrid

Children had no fear showing the passion they have for this team. They know all the songs and they love to sing and shout them out loud.

Atletikids site

3. Answering a quiz

Almost every #AtletiKid got all the answers right! And the ones that got one answer wrong was because some of them were really tricky.

Atlético de Madrid fan site

All the content has to be approved in our moderation panel to avoid publish unappropriated pics or videos. The winner will live an unforgettable weekend that will include a trip to Madrid for two, participating in a clinic with a player of the first team and two tickets to watch a match at the Calderón.