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Case Study – Social Events: #AAC2017

How to track a event with Twitter

One of the things you have to keep and eye in when hosting an event is Social Media. Nowadays, events have a lot of repercussion on Twitter and Instagram. That is why is it important not only to define the hashtag of the event but also to choose a good Twitter monitoring tool. We say so because it is a total non sense to have a social media strategy and to not measure it. Having numerical data that support your event’s success is a great way of attracting new attendees or sponsors to future events. Today we will go through the event #AAC2017 that is taking place at this moment and we will analyze its repercussion on Twitter.

#AAC2017 – New Zealand

The Asia-Pacific Amateur Championship started on October 26 and will continue until October 29 at the Royal Wellington Golf Club in New Zealand. The hashtag they have chosen is #AAC2017 and these are its stats:

We have tracked the activity of the hashtag #AAC2017 since October 17 until this moment. During that period of time, #AAC2017 has received 1,225 tweets from 517 users generating 4,222,285 impressions. From those tweets, 705 are retweets and the rest are original content. Tweets can be classified in four groups:

  • Text tweets: Tweets that contain nothing but text
  • Replies: Conversation between users
  • Links & pics: Tweets that contain a link or an image
  • Retweets: Retweets made to tweets

A tweet can be classified in different categories. This means that, for example, a tweet that contains a link and that is a reply to a user, it will go to the second and third category. However, it is important to say that tweets are not counted twice. Even though a tweets fits in different categories it will only be counted once in the report.

Rankings of users with Tweet Binder

Tweet Binder provides up to 8 rankings of users on its reports. Most active users, most retweets sent, most original content, most popular, highest impact, top photographers, most mentioned users and most retweeted users. Let’s se how users have behaved at the moment in #AAC2017:

  • Most original tweets
Prentisiaethau Cymru, @ApprenticeWales 144 tweets
Golf Australia, @GolfAust 56 tweets
AAC_Golf, @AAC_Golf 42 tweets
Chris Smeaton, @cdsmeaton 31 tweets
PeoplePlus Cymru, @Peoplepluscymru 28 tweets
  • Highest impact
Golf Australia, @GolfAust 1,055,656 impacts
Masters Tournament, @TheMasters 789,767 impacts
Prentisiaethau Cymru, @ApprenticeWales 375,772 impacts
Chris Smeaton, @cdsmeaton 294,996 impacts
Jonathan Davies OBE, @JiffyRugby 197,909 impacts
  • Most mentioned users
@AAC_Golf 26 mentions
@ShaeWoolsCobb 24 mentions
@Minwoo27Lee 21 mentions
@NTFWwbl 20 mentions
@ApprenticeWales 20 mentions

Tweet Binder reports

As you can see, the information our reports provide is very useful. You can learn a lot about your attendees by going through our rankings and see how they have behaved. If you have any campaign or event you want to track, do not hesitate and contact us so that we can help you to create yours! It does not matter if your event is going to take place or if it happen long ago. We can track while it is happening or we can go back in time and recover previous data.