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Discover Twego! The tool to calculate the economic value of a Twitter account

How much do my tweets cost?

How much are my tweets worth? What about other users’ tweets? There are more and more frequent questions when planning of a marketing campaign on Twitter. The truth is that Tweet Binder has created the perfect tool to find out this value: Twego. Thanks to this new tool, Tweet Binder helps you to calculate how much your tweets (or anyone’s tweets) are worth. There are two values: Market Economic Value of a user (how much one tweet is worth in the market) and the Engagement economic value (how much should a tweet be worth).

Say hello to Twego

Twego is one of the main novelties of the latest Tweet Binder update. It is a new tool that allows you to know how much the tweets of any account on Twitter are worth. Both the market economic value and the engagement economic value. It is super easy to calculate. You only have to type the account you want to analyze and click on the search button. In a few seconds, the tool will return you two values regarding to different criteria (explained below). As a conclusion, you will be able to analyze the account of any personality, influencer or company and value them according to an economic point of view.

Twego by Tweet Binder
Twego: A tool that offers the economic value of a Twitter account tweets

Market Economic Value of a user VS Engagement economic value

We have already talked about the Market Economic Value of a user in this post. It shows the value of that user in the market (Twitter ads or pay-per-tweet platforms have been researched in order to offer accurate data). That value has in consideration quantitative market variables such as prices, number of followers, lists the user is in and many more. That market economic value is a great metric to get to know how the account is working.

On the other hand, Tweet Binder offers a new economic value (engagement value). It has in consideration a very important qualitative metric: the engagement. The engagement of one tweet and Twitter user will depend on the number of retweets and likes the tweet gets. It will have more engagement a Twitter user with many retweets and likes in his tweets than another user with no retweets nor likes. We chose these two metrics because they give us a very good measure of the engagement of a tweet and user. And very important as well is the number of followers of a Twitter user, but not to measure its influence but to cross it with the number of RTs and likes of its tweets. Here you can learn more about the Engagement economic value.

As a Conclusion

Tweet Binder will help you to see the real value of a Twitter handle and its tweets thanks to Twego. You will be able to see the two values. Firstly, how much its tweets cost in the market (Twitter ads and pay-per-tweet platforms) and secondly how much you should really pay having in consideration its retweets and likes (engagement). Feel free to contact us if you need more info and remember that you can also analyze and get to know the economic value of your hashtag.

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