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“Strongly recommend Tweet Binder to those hosting Twitter chats”

“Twitter Chats get much better with Tweet Binder”

There are a thousands of Twitter Chats taking place on weekly a basis. On Tweet Binder we know the importance of analyzing in real time the Twitter activity and monitoring every tweet shared under the official hashtag. That’s why our tool offers all the stats in a very attractive way that are very useful for chats hosts. #LinkedinChat, one of the most relevant Twitter chats, is one also of the ones who gathers a very high number of users. We’ve asked Con Sweeney, one of its hosts, about their experience using Tweet Binder.

You hold a weekly chat and every Tuesday you engage with your followers who tweet with the hashtag #LinkedinChat. Tell us about it, how long has it been active?

I’ve been moderating for one year and have been participating for two. The chat has been around for several years before this.

Which topics are the most commented? How have you built a solid community?

Changes to LinkedIn, growing connections, and new user queries tend to be the most popular. I suspect the recent announced acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft will become a popular topic over the next year.

“Be specific as to subject”

Can you give any advice on how to launch a Twitter chat or on how to drive the conversation to promote your values?

My advices for launching a Twitter chat are:

  1. Have a following before you begin. (I’m working on another chat without this and it’s hard to grow organically.)
  2. Be specific as to subject (i.e., only one hashtag and make sure it’s a popular one)
  3. Schedule at a convenient time
  4. Always be there for the chat
  5. Have guest hosts periodically
  6. Use a social media account manager to promote the chat in advance
  7. Study your metrics afterwards to see what’s working and who’s participating
  8. Starting a chat is a long term commitment to be successful
  9. Study what’s topical and trending in your subject area

Why do you think Tweet Binder is a tool to keep in mind? How does it help you on your Social Media strategy?

Tweet Binder is a very effective and useful tool. It permits access to information that is otherwise difficult to compile or is otherwise unavailable.

What data or information would you add or modify to what we already offer?

A longer timeline and Access to more tweets would be helpful. Being a weekly chat, we get very useful information but being able to look at trends over a longer period of time would be helpful. Also, as a chat becomes successful the limit on the number of tweets could affect the usefulness of the tool.

Tweet summary of your experience with Tweet Binder (less than 140 characters)

#linkedinchat is finding #tweetbinder a useful tool for analysis of its weekly #twitterchat Strongly recommend it to those hosting chats.

Do you host a Twitter Chat?

If you do host a Twitter chat and you want to track its activity on Twitter please contact us today. We offer an unique deal for chats that will let you keep all your stats in one useful dashboard.